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Synology Network Attached Storage

Synology NAS Drive which is known as one of the manufacturers of network attached storage devices (NAS) adds to its new product list through Synology DS218j, in the form of NAS with 2-bay features. Seeing its 2-bay storage feature, it has been predicted that this NAS is intended for the home user segment or small and medium scale businesses.

Synology DS218j comes with a simple design with dimensions of 165 x 100 x 225.5 mm and weighs only 0.88 kg. To access the 2-bay provided by the user simply open the side of the casing with a slider or sliding model, but there are two bolts on the back that function as a lock. So Synology DS218j does not support the hot swap feature in its use. The user must first deactivate Maximum Internal Raw Capacity before installing or disconnecting the disk drive.

Even though it provides 2-bays, the Synology DS218j can accommodate three types of storage devices starting from 3.4 "SATA HDD, 2.5" SATA HDD, and 2.5 "SATA SSD. Especially for SATA HDD and SATA SSD 2.5" options. the user must use the Disk Holder component. Synology DS218j has a maximum capacity of 24 TB with a combination of each drive having a capacity of 12 TB depending on RAID technology configuration that is used with a maximum single volume size of 16 TB.

Synology DS218j, NAS Drive is Simple but Reliable

As explained, the appearance of Synology DS218j is very simple. The part of his face is only the Power button and a collection of indicator lights consisting of a power indicator, an installed disk drive and an iidnikator LAN connection and device status.

When tried the Synology DS218j using the Seagate IronWolf 12TB 3.5 "SATA HDD, the indicator light will flash orange, and make a sound when the disk drive is not installed properly so it is not detected. The status indicator LED will also blink and emit a sound when Synology DS218j detect any problems with the device or the disk drive installed. This certainly helps users to immediately find out if a problem occurs.

Turning to the back, found a 92mm exhaust fan that can be customized speed mode according to the workload or usage. There are also two USB 3.0 ports and Lan Gigabit RJ45 ports.
For the spur kitchen, Synology DS218j is embedded with Marvell Fleet 385 (88F6820) 32-bit CPU Dual Core 1.3 GHz with 512MB DDR3 RAM capacity which is based on use by capable of presenting the interface quickly and smoothly.

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Synology DS218j offers read speed or sequential reading of 113MBps and write or sequential writing speeds of up to 112MBps which are achieved optimally when using storage devices intended for NAS such as Seagate IronWolf products.

Synology DS218j NAS Drive

One thing that from the Synology NAS line is the Synology DiskStation Manager interface which is very user friendly with tutorials for each feature or menu in it. In the home section there is always a box containing Synology DS218j performance information including the health of the installed disk drive.

In addition, the supporting application or the companion app provided by Synology is also quite a lot, including for the mobile version, so you can access the content and connect to all the features of the Synology DS218j through the applications provided and the Synology QuickConnect feature.

For example, the Synology Moment feature that provides access to save or make photo backups on Synology NAS Drive DS218j from a smartphone. With AI technology or Synology artificial intelligence each stored photo will automatically be grouped not only by date but also by face or photo object.


Synology DS218j is one of the reliable NAS Drive for home users or small and medium scale companies that already need data storage devices that are connected to the internet rather than subscribing to the cloud. Comparing with the DS218 + version that we have reviewed, Synology DS218j does not have a copy button to simplify the process of storing data from devices connected to this NAS.

Although the installation process is quite easy, the DS218 + still supports the hot swap feature while the DS218j does not have the function and the user still has to open the bolt that locks the case. Synology DS218j is priced cheaper than Synology NAS Drive DS218 +, in the price range of IDR 3 million.