Synology Time Backup Download

How to back up Synology NAS device data with Time Backup

When sharing Synology Time Backup Download in documents with multiple users, unexpected file modifications by other users are very possible in a collaborative environment. Having many historical file versions can help prevent potential data loss. Synology Time Backup is an additional package that allows to back up files and data from one NAS Synology with several versions. 

Can backup data to the volume of internal data, external hard drives, or Synology NAS remotely via an Internet connection. It can also easily retrieve historical file versions from the intuitive timeline user interface to recover previous files. Below will guide through the steps to back up data in the Synology NAS using Synology Time Backup.

Step 1 Before Starting, you Must do the Following Tasks:

  • Created at least two volumes for local reserves.
  • Attach an external hard drive to a local eSATA / USB backup.
  • Created at least one shared folder on the Synology NAS backup source.

Refer to the Quick Installation Guide (included with NAS) for more information about installing hardware and software. We can also see the Synology DiskStation User Guide available in the Synology Download Center (see 'related links' above) for general ideas about topics related to this article.

Step 2 Install Time Backup From the Synology Package Center:

  • Open the Main Menu> Package Center> Available> Time Backup. Click 'Install'.

Package Center Image
  • Follow the Package Installation Wizard to install it.
  • Open the Main Menu> Package Center> Installed> Time Backup. Time Backup will run automatically.
  • It can easily run, stop, or uninstall packages at any time in the Package Center at Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) with Synology Time Backup Download.

Step 3 Back Up Data with Time Backup :

  • Open the Main Menu and click 'Backup Time'.

Image of the time backup icon
  • Click 'Create' to create a backup task.

Time Backup Image
  • Enter the name of the backup task you want.

Backup Wizard Image
  • Select 'Local Backup' to back up data to an external disk or local shared folder. If you are going to back up data to another Synology NAS, select 'Network Backup'.

Download Synology Time Backup

Free Driver
Free Driver
Free Driver

Local Backup Image
  • If you want to back up data to another Synology NAS server, activate the Time Backup Service in the Control Panel> Network Backup> Time Backup on the destination server.

Image of Backup Service
  • Please note that if you activate the Time Backup Service on the destination server, it can only provide the Time Backup service as a backup destination.
  • Select a destination from an external disk or local shared folder.

Image Destination Menu
  • Select a shared folder for backup. The source and destination of the reserve must be in a different volume with Synology Time Backup Download.

Image of the backup source menu
  • Set a backup schedule. By default the system will back up every hour with Smart Recycle enabled.

Note: Smart Recycle is a smart backup manager. This helps maintain the previous backup version without allowing it to overtake too much volume space. The restraining mechanism is as follows:

  • Hourly versions of the last 24 hours to date. The system for storing the earliest versions is made in one hour.
  • Daily version from 1 day to 1 month. The system stores the earliest versions made in a day.
  • Weekly version after 1 month. The system saves the earliest version made this week. can also lock the version to prevent it from being deleted by Smart Recycle.

Confirm the settings and click 'Apply'. Check 'Backup' immediately after the wizard completes to start the backup task right after creating with Synology Time Backup Download.