DS109 Driver

DS109 Driver Disk Station

Synology DS109 Driver is designed to provide flexible solutions for users to share files. Increase productivity. Synology Disk Station Manager 2.2 comes with ease of use and various properties. In addition, the optional Synology 2.5 Tut Disk Holder provides an easy way for users to install 2.5 ve hard disks on DS109, providing library silence, power savings and other reliability for DS109.

DS109 Drivers can share and back up files easily

Synology Disk Station is designed for data storage and sharing between Windows, Mac and Linux. Smooth file sharing between different operating systems is not easy. Synology File Station 2 provides an innovative user interface with drag-and-drop and right-click users who are not familiar with FTP can easily access files with the Synology web browser Data Replicator 3 allows Windows users to back up desktop data to Synology Disk Station. 

Instant Support, Synchronization, and Scheduled Backup are fully supported. Synology Local Backup helps protect data by backing up to an external hard drive with a USB or eSATA interface with flexible scheduling options.

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DS109 Driver Key Features

● Easy to use
● Cold and calm
● Power Savings (9W ~ 19W)
Sent with Disk Admin Station 2.2 which provides:
● AJAX Based Management Interface
● Remote File Management with a Web scanner
● Letter Station plug-in One step setup
● IP camera support
● Hosting a Website with PHP + MySQL
● Share a USB Printer
● Integration of Third Party Applications

DS109 Driver Office Application

Synology Mail Station Plug-in provides one-step settings and allows the Synology Technology Station to be a mail server that supports Web mails such as Outlook, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. Synology Web Station with Virtual Host allows users to host up to 30 websites in one Synology Disk Station. 

Default PHP + MySQL provides the ability to create interactive websites without complicated settings. Synology Disk Station supports two USB printers simultaneously and the Add Printer Wizard makes it easy to install processes. Users can customize the Synology website by following the 3rd Party Integration Guide En Synology NAS Server 3. By installing their favorite applications on their Synology Disk Station.

DS109 Driver Friendly to the Environment

The Synology Technology Station has been designed and developed with the concept of saving energy. Compared to the Synology Disk Station with PC partners, the average power consumption and hibernation are relatively low if not used. 

This not only helps save energy, but also extends the life of the hard drive. Synology Disk Station truly won "the title of environmentally friendly products" because of its unique Timed On / Off feature and intelligent fan design, effectively cooling the system but with minimum power consumption making the system silent when walking. 

Finally, all Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged in recyclable packaging materials. Synology sees its responsibilities as citizens of the world and continues to work to reduce this situation from the environmental effects of our DS109 Driver products.