DS212 + Drive

DS212 + High Performance Drive

Synology DS212 + Drive is designed for business users who need a reliable high-volume storage and demand solution for file sharing. The Synology DS212 + provides an average reading of 109 MB / s and 56 MB / s write speeds under a RAID 1 configuration in the Windows® environment. 

Equipped with USB 3.0 support that provides transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, DS212 + requires less time transferring data to an external hard drive and reducing power consumption. In addition, the hot-swappable drive makes maintenance and hard drive replacement easy.

DS212 + Drive Suitable for the Business Environment

Comprehensive network protocol support ensures smooth file sharing throughout the Windows®, Mac® and Linux® operating systems. Windows® ADS and LDAP Integration enables Synology DS212 + to quickly and easily enter the existing business network environment without having to re-create account users.

Windows® ACL support provides more accurate access to effective privileges control and control, allowing users to enjoy the original Windows experience. Access to Internet files is simplified by encrypted FTP servers and web-based file browsers. HTTPS, default firewall, automatic IP support for groups make sure that sharing files over the Internet is protected with high security.

Rich Office Application DS212 + Drive

Synology DS212 + works on a well-known operating system, Synology DiskStation Manager, offering applications and features specifically designed for small and medium businesses. Directory Server Package Change Synology DS212 + on a centralized LDAP-based directory server. 

Manage and document user accounts for various applications, so increase network security and reduce management costs. The Syslog server is an additional package that converts the Synology DS212 + into a server log system, centralized logs from multiple servers to DS212 + to provide the highest maintenance from the registry and transparent server status to help solve the problem of shooting multiple servers. 

The default mail server provides mail services and professional USB sharing printers reduce business costs through sharing print resources throughout the office. VPN Server Packages offer an easy VPN solution that converts DS212 + into a VPN server, providing a safe way of connecting to a private LAN in a remote location.

Antivirus Essential
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CardDAV Server
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Cloud Station Server
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Directory Server
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DS212 + Drive Complete Backup Solution

The Backup Wizard is provided to back up data from DS212 + to another Synology DiskStation or any rsync server via an encrypted connection, or to an external hard drive via USB 3.0 or eSATA connection. 

The processor also makes it easy to back up your DiskStation data to the cloud via Amazon® S3. In addition, users can back up and restore shared folders on DiskStation several versions using the Synology Time Backup package. Shared Folder Synchronization allows users to synchronize certain folders from Synology DS212 + to another disk - a server-to-client backup mechanism that occurs whenever something is changed on the server side. 

Peace of mind with Synology DS212 + data encryption equipped with an encryption engine that loses the task of calculating encryption far from the main CPU, which helps to increase file transfer speeds on DiskStation. Important data protection for companies of all sizes. 

The top class features that were previously available on enterprise class devices can now be accessed by Synology DS212 + to SMEs. The DS212 + provides 256-bit AES encryption at the sharing level to help prevent unauthorized access to the hard drive.

DS212 + Energy Efficiency Drive with Cool and Quiet Design

Synology DS212 + is designed taking into account energy efficiency. Not only provides a 92 x 92 mm fan and smart airflow to keep order running 24/7, the cool design makes the sound very quiet compared to the PC. WLAN / WAN warning support, many scheduled power on / off can turn off and turn off hard drive power consumption and operating costs. 

All Synology products are manufactured with components that comply with RoHS packaged with recyclable packaging materials. Acknowledging Synology's responsibility as a global citizen to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of each Synology DS212 + Drive product produced.