DS207 + Driver

DS207 + Driver Disk Station

High Speed ​​Server DS207 + Driver NAS with Advanced Data Protection and ADS Windows Authentication System for small businesses and businesse. DS207 + provides powerful data transfer speeds and computing capabilities, which are not only convenient for a small business environment that requires efficiency, but also a good choice for energy users who enjoy the intensity of data access on the server.

Works with DS207 + Ads Windows Driver

DS207 + is compatible with the Windows ADS domain. Windows domain users can access shared data from DS207 + when they pass Active Directory authentication. This will greatly save your time in creating a great number of accounts for domain users.

Flexible Storage Management with DS207 + Driver

You can make a RAID 0 volume or reliable RAID 1 capacity on DS207 +. For budget-sensitive users, DS207 + allows the use of one hard drive to create non-RAID volumes, and upgrade it to RAID 1 at a later time, add a second hard drive. When the hard drive on DS207 + is full, you can add more storage just by connecting an external USB or ESATA hard drive to the DS207 + Driver.

Enhanced DS207 + Driver Security

• Encrypted FTP allows you to transfer data using FTP via SSL or FTP via TLS.
• Supports HTTPS to encrypt all HTTP connections with the SSL transfer mechanism.
• Backup encrypted networks ensure network backup by transferring encrypted data. You no longer need to worry about important data compromises.

Share Files Between Windows and Mac DS207 + Driver

DS207 + is designed for users in Windows and Mac users to share files seamlessly. Windows users can access DS207 + through Samba, FTP and Mac users through Samba, FTP, and AFP. Unicode support allows sharing files smoothly in various languages. 

In addition, the File Station is a great way to access and manage files stored remotely on DS207 +. Just use the web browser to connect to DS207 +, you will have full control over the file. With terminal files, transferring files between shared folders is now only a few seconds.

Camera IP Video Recording DS207 + Driver

When connecting an IP camera to a network and recording video clips on DS207 +, the Surveillance Station gives you an economical network video recording solution. At the observation station, you can watch real-time camera control areas, as well as view and manage recorded videos. Don't hesitate to do so, select continuous recording mode or motion detection that best suits your needs in DS207 + Driver.

Build a Dynamic Site with DS207 + Driver

The Web Station runs the Apache web server, which allows you to publish your website in just a few steps. By pre-installing PHP + MySQL, you are free to install blog software or general notice boards on DS207 +. No advanced IT knowledge is needed to build your community.

Total DS207 + Driver Backup Solution

Data backup is very important but people tend to ignore it, DS207 + backing up complete data automatic backups are always done without your attention.

• Network Backup is designed for you to back up data from DS207 + to other Synology products as well as to support Network Backup or rsync compatible servers.

• Local backups allow you to back up data from DS207 + to an external HDD attached to the DS207 + via a USB or eSATA port.

• Desktop Backup simplifies desktop backups with Synology Data Replicator 3. PC users will easily enjoy backup tools to automatically back up important data in DS207 + Driver.

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DS207 + Driver Cold and Quiet

DS207 + Driver has a new enclosure design. Elegant white lid, well ventilated air flow, and quiet fan Operation, bring DS207 + to the new level of the Synology Disk Station Series.
Other features:
• Station Figure 3
• Audio Station
• Download Station
• Multimedia services
• iTunes server
• Share a USB printer