DS115 Drive

DiskStation DS115 Drive

Synology® DiskStation DS115 Drive is a compression server that runs on a single NAS system designed to enhance your enjoyment. Productivity in your digital life, and allows your hard drive with network storage features for sharing, streaming and file synchronization. Working on Synology DiskStation managers, DS115 offers effective solutions with a pleasant user experience.

Activate Your Hard Drive with DS115 Drive

Synology DS115 may appear small in size, but it has great capabilities. The new solution for dual-core CPUs armed with enhanced computing power and performance, more than 110.56MB / second reading and more than 93.47MB / s with the DS115 module integrated unit convertible audio tracks to MP3 format for reducing bandwidth flow and speed up the creation of thumbnail images. 

The resulting experience offers a refreshing image. DS115 is also packaged in interface-rich external, offering USB 2.0 and ports 3.0 along with eSATA connectors, enabling communication with external storage, while USB ports also support connectivity of devices including Bluetooth receivers, wireless dongles and DTV tuners. 

To add additional value that you can get from DS115. With so many applications, DS115 converts the hard drive into a multi-use storage server, which not only functions as a private cloud to access your files anywhere, but also as a backup, online photo album, local version of public cloud, 24 / 7 download portals, and much more.

DLNA Media Server is Supported by DS115 Drive

As a DLNA DMS certified server (digital media server), DS115 is a ready-to-use media server with the ability to host digital multimedia content for remote playback. DLNA compatible devices on the same LAN that can access customer content on DS115 do not indicate privileged settings. 

The Synology Mobile Application switches your mobile device to the DS115 remote control, and sends an image movie on TV or music to the speakers directly from the palm of your hand. File sharing, data synchronization, and record management. Synology DS115 provides comprehensive support for network protocols, which ensures smooth file sharing on Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® systems. 

Access to Internet files is simplified by encrypted FTP servers and web-based file explorers, File Station. HTTPS, firewalls, and IP block support automatically secure file sharing over the Internet. Cloud Station allows users to synchronize files between multiple devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android ™ phones, without the hassle of updating everything. 

Cloud Sync manages Dropbox, Google ™ Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Baidu, Box, and hubiC stores synchronized with your personality DiskStation at home. Pay attention to the recorded version of browsers, tablets and mobile phones, while maintaining the historical version of each record.

Synology QuickConnect and DS115 Cellular Application Drive

For users whose network environment does not have a public IP address or the ability to do so. Configuring port forwarding, QuickConnect provides relay services that you can access. DS115 from anywhere in the world, even when it's hidden on the local area of ​​the network QuickConnect ID, you can enter DS115 via the DSM browser interface and Synology tools for desktop and mobile applications. 

Synology offers mobile applications that allow you to enjoy your various libraries. When you travel, you have access to photo albums, music and video collecting stored at home on your DS115. Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone pads, DS + photos, DS and DS audio functions to fill your photo terminals, audio stations, and video stations, you can place one terabyte of content on your device in DS115 Drive. 

In addition, downloading the DS allows you to manage your files while allowing you to manage your files. Save on your DS115. You can also write your notes and synchronize them with DS records and allow DS115 to track your projects and dos.

DS115 Drive Complete Multimedia Features

With DS115 Drive you have many tools to manage multimedia easily. Intuitive PhotoStation design allows you to easily organize photos in special categories, smart albums, blog posts, and also link to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Weibo with a few clicks. 

Audio stations are equipped with internal Talk Plug-ins, Internet radio, DLNA® support, AirPlay®, and Bluetooth Speakers for quality playback. Look online and record your favorite programs using a DVB-T, DVB-S or DTMB tuner.

Works with Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) with DS115 Drive

Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a web-based operating system for Synology NAS. Featuring an intuitive multi-task user interface, DSM provides a desktop-like experience to reduce DiskStation's exploration and management efforts. 

The default package allows you to download and install various packages on demand, ranging from backup, multimedia, business, and service security. With all the built-in features and enhancements, DSM gives you features and full-featured smooth controls on DS115, helping you increase productivity and maximize the productivity of your best digital assets.

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DS115 Drive Energy-Saving Design with Beautiful and Calm

Synology DS115 is designed taking into account energy efficiency. Not only does it provide 60 x 60 mm fans and smart airflow to keep the operating system cool 24/7, the noise of the wet design makes it very quiet compared to other computers. The drive hibernation feature can reduce power consumption and playback costs. 

All Synology products are manufactured in parts that comply with RoHS and packaging materials are recycled. Synology recognizes its responsibility as global citizens must continue to reduce the environmental impact of every manufactured DS115 Drive product.