DS114 Drive

Price / Performance Optimization of DS114 Drive

Synology DS114 Drive is a compressed NAS for all purposes, designed to achieve a variety of requirements for small businesses and home users on one storage machine. For a single container value model, DS114 offers a great feature of read / write performance - an average write speed of 74.25 Mbps in the Windows® environment, and more than 108.99 MB / s of reading. 

The built-in floating-point unit increases overall CPU capacity, this is very useful in speeding up the processing of thumbnails, making viewing images a refreshing new experience. With twice the size of its predecessor, DS114 takes a sudden boost in multitasking performance. 

DS114 is also equipped with two SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 interfaces with transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, and an eSATA powered external hard drive interface. DS114 is very versatile despite its size. Working on the award-winning Synology DSM operating system, DS114 Drive shares a rich backup application available at the DSM package center.

Effective Backup Solution with DS114 Drive

DS114 Drive Synology provides a targeted and unorganized backup data center target across the network. PC users can back up data to Synology DS114 Using the Synology Data Replicator program, Mac OS X users enjoy the original integration of Apple® Time Machine®. 

A Backup Wizard is provided to back up data from Synology DS114 to another Synology NAS, to another rsync server, or to an external drive. Backup to Amazon® S3 and Glacier cloud services are also supported. The additional Time Backup package saves a lot of DiskStation version data, so IT administrators can easily track and restore the previous version whenever needed in DS114 Drive. 

Synology® DiskStation DS114 is a feature-rich NAS, designed specifically for features to manage and store digital content easily. Going on DiskStation Manager Synonym (DSM), DS114 has complete flexibility in technology applications for this display.

Cross File Sharing platform Windows + Mac + Linux DS114 Drive

Synology DS114 provides comprehensive support for network protocols to share files seamlessly with Windows, Mac® systems, and Linux® AD and LDAP compatibility allows Synology DS114 to be fast and easy in any existing network environment, without having to re-create Cloud account users allowing users to synchronize files between multiple devices, including computers or phones Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android ™, keep everything updated without. Anything stored on Synology DS114 can now access them remotely using DS files.

Easy Setup and Management with DS114 Drive

Synology OS DSM 4.3 provides an easy-to-use Web experience For users who are not familiar with complex router configurations or those who just want to save time, Synology EZ-Internet Wizard. Simplify the process of setting access to Synology DS114 from the internet. The DSM multi-task Web user interface allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously on one browser tab and immediately switch between them.

Rich Office Application DS114 Drive

The Synology DS124 Mail Server Package is converted to service provider-specific mail, and the possibility of sharing a USB printer is reduced by business costs by sharing print resources throughout the office. 

VPN server packages offer easy VPN solutions that turn DS114 into a VPN server, providing a secure way to connect to a private LAN in a remote location. The RADIUS server enhances network security through authentication of Wireless Access through RADIUS (Dial-up for User service remote authentication) Network Protocol.

Antivirus Essential
Free Driver
CardDAV Server
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Cloud Station Server
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Directory Server
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Energy Saving Design with Cool and Quiet DS114 Drive

Not only does the DS114 provide a 60 x 60 mm fan and intelligent airflow for maintenance the system works 24 hours seven days a week, and the noise damper design makes it very quiet. Compared to their computer colleagues. 

Supports Wake on LAN / WAN, Multiple scheduled power on / off can reduce power consumption and operating costs. Synology recognizes the responsibility as a global citizen to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of every DS114 Drive product produced.