DS112j Driver

Cloud Private DS112j Driver

Using Synology DS112j Driver, you can install all data and files centrally with your family members in a local network. If there is a way to manage this file that is very useful and interesting, your Cloud can be private so your participation can be protected extended to the Internet. 

EZ-Internet Wizard guides you through all the steps needed to remotely make Internet access to your Synology DS112j. You will allow you to access DS12j remotely anywhere in a few minutes, it's easy. If you are always on the go, Synology provides useful applications, DS files for iPhone®, iPad® and Android ™ users. Whatever is stored in the Synology DS1212 can now be accessed remotely using internet DS files.

Multipurpose Multimedia Center for Homes with DS112j Drivers

With DS112j internal media server, you can broadcast digital multimedia content from DiskStation Synology to media devices such as stereo systems and Sony PlayStation®3 Microsoft® XBox 360. You can also stream videos and music. 

TV sets that are compatible with DLNA / UPnP® so you can enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows stored on your DiskStation. For a digital listening experience, complete music from the comfort of your sofa, by connecting the DS112j to your home stereo system using the Voice DS application for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, users can control the music playing with simplicity.

DS112j Driver Server Download

The Download Station acts as 24 × 7 BT, FTP, HTTP, eMule and the NZB Download center without a PC. The eMule and BT search engines allow the ability to download searches without additional installation of Desktop Applications. RSS feeds will offer you the latest updates directly. 

You can subscribe to several RSS feeds that list all of your favorite download information, and the entire download mechanism experience. Share your memories with friends, photo station simplifies the distribution of images, videos and blog generals. 

Features like customizable features, blogs and users of Photo Station settings make it the latest lifestyle sharing center on the Internet. The station synchronizes album photos to Facebook automatically, so it is now closer to building your social life. Back Up All Your Important Files with  DS112j Driver. 

Synology DS112j provides a centralized backup target for all PCs. Computer users can back up their data for Synology DS112j using the free Synology Replicator Data program, while Mac OS X users enjoy Apple® Time. Backup integration engine is provided on the internet to back up data at Synology DS112j to another Synology diskStation or to an external hard drive via a USB connection.

Antivirus Essential
Free Driver
CardDAV Server
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Cloud Station Server
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Directory Server
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Energy Saving Design with Cool and Quiet with DS112j Driver

Synology DS112j is designed taking into account energy efficiency. They only provide the biggest fan and smart air flow to be treated. This system works 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, the design reduces noise so it makes it really quiet (17.1 dB) compared to their computers. Support on / off some scheduled power, and hibernation can be inserted into the hard drive reducing power consumption and operating costs. 

All Synology products are manufactured with components that comply with RoHS full of recyclable packaging materials. Synology acknowledges the responsibility as a global citizen to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of each product produced by the DS112j Driver.