Threat Monitor

Threat Monitor

The Threat Monitor You can find detailed statistics about and email sources, and adjust relevant settings for optimal security. To view general threat analysis: Common threat analysis provides statistics on various types of incoming and outgoing e-mail threats, and shows that information in a clear graph. Go to Monitor Threat> Overview. 

Under General Threat Analysis, you can find threat statistics and relevant settings: Timeframe: Choose to display threat statistics at a certain time range. List of threats: See percentage statistics for each type of threat. To see calculation statistics, hover your mouse over a certain type. Chart of donut threats: See statistics on the percentage of each type of threat. 

Select or cancel the choice of threat type on the right list to meet your needs. Anti-Spam Function: View the status of anti-spam machines. To modify the relevant settings, click to jump to the page. Anti-Virus Function: See the status of the anti-virus engine. To modify the relevant settings, click to jump to the page. 

Mandiri DNSBL Check: See if Synology NAS is on the DNSBL blacklist. Click to see more details. To view external threat analysis: External threat analysis displays blocked incoming email sources and corresponding number statistics. Go to Monitor Threat> Overview. 

Under External Threat Analysis, you can find threat maps and calculate statistics for each source: Threat map: Each circle represents the threat source area. The circle expands when more blocked emails come from the area. To see calculation statistics, point your mouse at the circle. Source of Threat: This list shows six sources of e-mail blocked with the appropriate amount.

Blocked and Incoming Email Threat Monitor 

On Inbound and Outbound, you can find the statistics of each inbound and outbound email that is blocked, along with the sender / recipient of such a letter. Time range: Select to display outgoing or incoming mail statistics that are blocked at a certain time range. 

Blocked Email Statistics: Displays trends from each type of threat of incoming (inbound) email or outgoing (on Exit) email during the selected time range. To change the type of threat on the screen, select or cancel the legend selection below the graph. To see calculation statistics for each type of threat, hover over the chart. 

Top Sender of Blocked Letters: Displays 10 senders from blocked incoming mail (in Enter) or outgoing mail (on Exit) with calculation statistics. For a complete list, click Show All. Top Recipients from Blocked Mail: Displays 10 recipients of blocked (when signed in) or outgoing (when out) mailings with total statistics. For a complete list, click Show All. With Monitor Security threats are always optimal.