Synology IOT

Synology and Netgear Have New IoT Products

The Synology IOT presence of the trend of the Internet of Things (IoT) makes the latest Smart Home technology that will spoil people's lives. Support for network technology devices that are fast, stable, and responsive is a mandatory requirement for learning.

Smart home technology makes all home activities more practical because supporting devices can be integrated and controlled with the touch of a finger through various devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can turn on the lights, adjust the temperature of the room, to heat water from the sofa or bed, even when not at home.

Thus, PT. Integra Global Solusi (IGS), as the distributor of Netgear and Synology brands, through a variety of the latest wireless products, offers concepts that support the Smart Home to fulfill today's lifestyle.

There are various products launched today to support this technology, one of which is Netgear Nighthawk X4 (AC2200) Dual Band WiFi Extender (EX7300) which has flexible placement. Nighthawk X4 is equipped with MU-MIMO technology and is claimed to be able to stream up to 7 times higher speed than conventional Wi-Fi devices in Synology IOT.

Fast Lane technology is also claimed to be able to optimize performance by using both high-power Wi-Fi Amplifier bands simultaneously. The Netgear EX7300 features a Wi-Fi Analytic App that can be installed on an Android device. This application shows network status, Wi-Fi signal strength, identifies overly dense Wi-Fi channels, and looks for channels with less interference.

In addition, Netgear also introduces Mesh Wi-Fi System technology to serve customers who always want a better Wi-Fi range to explore every corner of the house. The product is named Orbi. Netgear claims that this product is suitable for various types of residential environments, from apartments, level houses, ordinary residences, to houses with large gardens.

Tri-Band Wi-Fi System  Synology IOT

Tri-band Wi-Fi System delivers Wi-Fi with a total speed of up to 2200 Mbps. Unlike conventional extenders, Orbi uses one network name (SSID) for the entire network so users don't have to bother changing network names every time they move rooms.

Even though I don't have children yet, but among the various network devices IGS introduced today, Arlo Baby is the center of my attention. Because the surveillance camera is designed to monitor toddlers designed with a unique and safe design. This product is said to be able to monitor toddlers so parents can keep their baby safe and comfortable. All monitoring can be done via a smartphone.

Arlo Baby is able to detect the sound of a child's crying, and automatically plays a sleep song that can be selected through the application via a smartphone. There is also the integration of colorful night lights that can illuminate the nursery using safe light. With a rechargeable battery that can be removed, allowing parents to move the camera around the house when needed.

Arlo Baby is also equipped with sensors to monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity which can tell if a child's room is in an ideal condition with two-way audio features, parents can listen and talk to their children directly from the smartphone.

On the other hand, for easy data storage, there is the latest Readynas Netgear, namely RN212, RN424, RN426, and RN428. Synology also presents various new types such as DS718 +, DS218 +, and DS918 +. Synology's NAS is equipped with a Moment feature that automatically detects faces and groups favorite photos into several similar categories in Synology IOT.