What is Syncplicity

Syncplicity is a synchronization solution in files from EMC Corporation. EMC has offered Mozy online backup services, and Syncplicity is their product in the cloud storage field which includes Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and others. 

Syncplicity allows you to synchronize any folder on your hard drive, and offer secure collaboration and sharing tools. The advantages of this software are that there are no file size restrictions, password protected shared folders, beautiful mobile applications, easy-to-use desktop clients, back up and restore files, and synchronize any folder.

Syncplicity is a company-level file sharing and synchronization software that is easy to use for mobile workers. This system provides file accessibility that allows users regardless of whatever device they are using and whether offline or online.

Users get secure desktop, web and mobile experiences to collaborate internally or externally from their organizations. This application offers control, usability and security for IT professionals. You can access files on any device without any additional steps. This application offers an innovative way to explore folders quickly. You can collaborate and share files anywhere.

Synchronization & Access Syncplicity File

You can synchronize any folder without having to reset your work. Include and exclude files, file types, and subfolders. Take advantage of automatic version control with the ability to restore. There are native clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and many more. This application offers browser files online with versions and previews.

Share & Collaborate with Syncplicity

Collaborate on Microsoft Office applications with the Syncplicity Application Tab. Share it externally or internally easily. Control the rights to re-share folders. User permission protects files from unwanted updates. 

Sync changes to all users and all devices, and receive notification of changes. Send large files through Secure Shared Links, with optional passwords and expiration dates. Take advantage of shared link monitoring and tracking. Collaborate efficiently through Syncplicity Insights.

Syncplicity Mobility

Take advantage of the beautifully designed original application. Access all of your Syncplicity content. Open and see general document types. There are edits in secure applications and annotations for Microsoft Office and PDF files. You can send PowerPoint presentations directly from your mobile device. Receive and share files safely. 

Mark files as "Favorites" for offline access. Enjoy advanced Mobile Device Management support. Track downloads, when and where they are accessed. Another feature is setting a passcode and access to the previous file version. Both the Android and iPhone applications are well designed with the ability to manage links together, and view your latest favorite files and activities.

Syncplicity security

Syncplicity uses AES-256 encryption to secure data during transmission and stay on their servers. The encryption key is stored in a data center that is separate from the facility that stores customer data. Communication through the web interface is encrypted with AES-256 SSL. 

Files are stored in several geographical locations, and can be accessed even with the loss of two data centers. A shared folder can be given a password, so only the recipient you go to can see it. Syncplicity also supports two-factor authentication on the account.

Support Syncplicity

Syncplicity offers various levels of support, depending on your package. Customers to the Enterprise and Department editions can access telephone, email and priority online support. Business users get online and email support. Users of free and private packages only get online support, and access to community forums.

User Satisfaction with Syncplicity

We recognize that when you make a decision to buy File Sharing Software, it's important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the people and companies that buy it are really satisfied with the product. 

That is why we made our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that collects customer reviews, comments, and Syncplicity reviews on various social media sites. Data is then presented in an easily digestible form that shows how many people have positive experiences with Syncplicity.