RackStation RS815+ / RS815RP+

The Synology RackStation RS815+ / RS815RP+ features a new quad core CPU with the AES-NI hardware encryption engine, providing exceptional performance and data encryption acceleration in the 1U rackmout chassis. 

With four default Gigabit LAN ports and scalability of up to 8 drives, Synology RS815+ / RS815RP+ is the ideal storage solution for centralizing data backup, protecting important assets and sharing files on a different platform. Synology RS815 + / RS815RP + is supported by a 3-year limited warranty from Synology.

RS815+ with Superior Performance

With a new quad core CPU, expandable RAM modules of up to 6GB, and four Gigabit LAN ports that support link aggregation and failover, the Synology RackStation RS815 + / RS815RP + provides up to an average of 389.03 MB / s reading and 361.33 MB / s writes under RAID 5 Configuration in the Windows®.1 environment. 

Supported by AESNI's hardware encryption engine, RS815 + / RS815RP + also provides fast results of encrypted data transmission in more than 388.66 MB / s reading and 158, 9MB / s writes, being the most powerful 1U NAS rackmount of Synology servers ever built.

RS815+ Virtualized Certified

RS815+ / RS815RP+ provides unlimited storage solutions for environmental virtualization, including VMware®, Citrix®, and Hyper-V®. Being VMware vSphere 5® and VAAI® certified, RS815 + / RS815RP + helps release specific storage operations and optimizes computing power for performance and efficiency that is unmatched in the VMware environment. 

As a centralized storage of virtual environments, RS815+ / RS815RP+ allows virtual machine migration, allowing the transfer from server to server while eliminating service downtime and interference to users. Windows® Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) and Synology Advanced LUN support greatly improve the efficiency of massive data transfers and migration.

Strong Scalability RS815 + & Affordable Up to 48TB

With the optional Synology expansion unit RX415, the expansion storage volume for Synology RS815+ / RS815RP+ is fast and easy. RX415 is securely connected to RS815 + / RS815RP + via an eSATA cable with a specially designed locking connector and extends existing storage on Synology RS815 + / RS815RP + to a maximum raw capacity of 48TB. 

The Windows ADS integration allows Synology RS815 + / RS815RP + to quickly and easily enter the existing business network environment without the need to re-create a user account at Synology RS815 + / RS815RP +. The Home User feature minimizes administrator efforts to create private shared folders for a large number of users. 

Windows ACL support on the RS815 + / RS815RP + provides much better information on access control and efficient privilege settings, allowing IT staff to manage privileges for files and folders on the RS815 + / RS815RP + Windows user interface through which they are familiar. Privileges set on the Windows ACL will be applied to all access entries, including AFP, FTP, File Station, NFS and WebDAV. Safe privileges offer peace of mind for IT staff, don't worry about any loopholes.

RS815+ Tough and Reliable

In addition to its superior performance, RS815 + / RS815RP + is built for reliability. Four Gigabit LAN ports provide redundancy in the event of unexpected hardware failure while hot swappable drives also help minimize system downtime during drive replacement. 

Uninterrupted availability is an important goal for all businesses; however, many businesses around the world are still unprepared for disasters. High availability of managers can ensure a smooth transition between clustered servers in the event of a server failure with minimal impact on the application, thereby reducing the risk of unexpected interference and expensive downtime.

Easy Backup Solution with RS815 +

To protect your important business data, RS815 + / RS815RP + can be a centralized backup target for fragmented consolidation and unstructured information throughout your network through a variety of choices. Advanced backup privilege management makes backup task networks safer and more efficient. 

Cloud stations with selective synchronization and ACL control provide backup and synchronization of real-time data between many computers and mobile devices. solutions including Scheduled LUN Snapshot, LUN clones and Backup & Replication minimize the impact of disasters.

RS815 + Energy Efficient Design

Synology RS815 + / RS815RP + is designed and developed with energy efficiency in mind. Compared to the average peer storage server, RS815 + / RS815RP + consumes a relatively low amount of power. Wake on LAN / WAN support and scheduled power on and off can further reduce power consumption and operating costs. 

Hibernation HDD can be configured to function automatically when the system is inactive for a certain period of time. This not only saves energy but also extends the life of the hard drive. All Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recycled packaging materials. Synology recognizes the responsibility as a global citizen to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of each product produced by Synology RS815 +.