RackStation RS815

The Synology RackStation RS815 is a compact and measurable 4-bay rack-mount 4-bay NAS designed to help businesses effectively store, protect and share data. In terms of size, RS815 is almost half the depth compared to its predecessor. Running at the award-winning Synology DiskStation Manager, RS815 enjoys rich features and stability in situations with limited space and budget.

Optimal Performance & Compact Design RS815

As a standard 1U 4-bay rackmount NAS, the Synology RS815 is powered by an integrated dual core floating-point unit and 1GB of RAM to enhance its multi-tasking capabilities. Synology RS815 delivers up to 216.7MB / s reading and 121.1MB / s writing speeds under a RAID 5 configuration in the Windows®.1 environment. 

With the latest 12-inch short depth chassis design, RS815 can be used in industry standard environments and server rooms. smaller ones with limited space. Equipped with a recovery mechanism, the RS815 comes with dual LAN failover support to ensure continuous network services, two USB3.0 ports and support for optional unit storage expansion. 

The RS815 is definitely the best choice NAS 4-bay rackmount NAS server available on the market today. Running at Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), RS815 enjoys top-class corporate features and additional packages available at the DSM Package Center.

Strong & Affordable Scalability Up to 64 TB in RS815

When Synology RS815 storage capacity is close to its limit, additional storage space can be easily added with the Synology RX415 expansion enclosure. Equipped with a specially designed locking connector, Synology RX415 can be connected securely to RS815 via eSATA cable. Synology RX415 provides space for an additional 32 TB volume, allowing a maximum raw capacity of 64 TB consisting of four volumes of 16TB.

The RS815 Complete Backup Solution

To protect your important business data, RS815 can be a centralized backup target to consolidate fragmented and unstructured information across your network through a series of choices. Cloud Station comes with selective synchronization and ACL control providing multi-version real-time backup data and synchronization across various platforms and multiple devices. Other backup solutions such as Backup & Replication can minimize the impact of disasters and lose data by backing up directly to other Synology devices or rsync compatible servers.

Cross Platform File Sharing with RS815

Synology RS815 offers comprehensive network protocol support, ensuring seamless file sharing across Windows®, Mac® and Linux® platforms. The integration of Windows® AD and LDAP allows Synology RS815 to quickly and easily enter the existing business network environment without the need to re-create a user account at Synology RS815. 

Internet file access is simplified by using a web-based file explorer, Synology File Station. HTTPS, firewalls, encrypted FTP servers, and automatic blocking IP ensure that file sharing over the Internet is protected at high levels of security. 

For users who are always on the move, Synology provides practical applications, DS files, for popular mobile devices such as iPhone®, iPad®, Android ™ devices and Windows Phone ™. Whatever stored Synology RS815 can now be accessed remotely using DS files.

Security Solution

The Synology Surveillance Station offers a centralized interface for managing IP cameras used in your office or home, allowing users to travel miles and miles to protect the environment by watching live shows, recording shows, and taking photos with a computer or mobile device. 

In addition to intuitive settings and a hassle-free interface, Surveillance Station has features that are optimized for direct viewing experience with on-screen operations, intelligent analysis tools such as motion detection, and a warning system that sends instant notifications via SMS, email and DS cameras.

Rich Office Application RS815

Synology RS815 runs on an award-winning operating system, Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), which offers comprehensive applications and features specifically designed for offices and business working groups. The Web Station with the support of PHP and MariaDB allows one Synology RS815 to accommodate up to 30 websites and various third-party web applications, such as Content Management, Customer Relations Management & e-Commerce systems. 

Synology RS815 can act as a provider of email services by installing the Mail Server package, while the Mail Station package provides a webmail interface for users to access stored email at Synology RS815. 

Many additional packages allow Synology RS815 to replace some parts of the hardware network. 
VPN Server offers an easy VPN solution that transforms your Synology RS815 into a VPN server, providing a safe way to connect to a private LAN in a remote location. 

The RADIUS server strengthens network security by overseeing wireless access authentication through RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) network protocols. The Directory server allows Synology RS815 to host LDAP services with centralized access control, authentication and account management, further increasing the efficiency of your office management.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly RS815

Synology RS815 is designed taking into account energy efficiency. Hibernation HDD can be configured automatically when the system is inactive for a certain period of time. RS815 power consumption can be reduced to only 14.35 watts when the hard drive is in hibernation. 

All Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recycled packaging materials. Synology recognizes the responsibility as a global citizen to continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of every Synology RS815 product.