Synology RackStation RS812 + / RS812RP +

The RS812+ Rack-mounted NAS Server 4-bay High Performance & Can be scaled for Users of the SMB Synology® RackStation RS812 + / RS812RP + offers a high-performance, scalable, and full-featured storage solution for rackmounted networks that meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that need an efficient way to focus on data protection, simplify data management, and quickly increase storage capacity with minimal time spent on management and management. The Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + is supported by a 3-year limited warranty from Synology.

RS812+ Experience at High Performance Data Throughput

With Link Aggregation enabled, Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + gives an average of 175.11MB / sec write speeds under a RAID 5 configuration in Windows environment, and 202.31MB / sec reads1. Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + brings you the high performance requested by your data-intensive application for storage systems, and offers the ability to increase storage capacity.

RS812+ Has High Reliability for Critical Business Applications

Business needs a strong foundation to deal with very important tasks. Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + provides high data availability to ensure access when it's needed. 2 LANs with failover support and hot-swappable drives will ensure continuous service uptime if the drive needs to be replaced or unexpected LAN failure. If a hardware failure occurs, the RS812 + / RS812RP + is made for easy maintenance without removing it from the rack. 

No additional system reconfiguration is needed, and RS812 + / RS812RP + can be brought back to the phone with your existing data. The CPU is the heart of any system, and the RS812 + / RS812RP + combines a passive cooling structure to avoid the dependence of a special processor cooling fan, and reduce each critical point of failure.

When the system detects the fan fails, the built-in redundancy mechanism will rotate the functional fan for good ventilation of the system, and support continuous operation until the replacement fan arrives. Therefore, the potential for system damage is minimized and system availability is maximized.

RS812 + Very Suitable For Business Environments

Windows ADS integration allows Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + to quickly and easily enter the existing business network environment without the need to re-create the user account at Synology RS812 + / RS812RP +. The Home User feature minimizes administrator efforts to create private shared folders for a large number of users. 

Windows ACL support on the RS812 + / RS812RP + provides far better access to control and efficient privilege settings, allowing IT staff to set privileges to files and folders on RS812 + / RS812RP + through Windows users they know the interface. The privileges set in the Windows ACL will be applied to all access entries, including AFP, FTP, File Station, NFS and WebDAV. Privileges securely offer IT staff peace of mind, don't worry about loopholes.

Strong & Affordable Scalability RS812 + Up to 32 TB

When the storage capacity of Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + is getting closer to its capacity limit, it can be easily expanded with Synology RX410 expansion enclosures. Synology RX410 is securely connected to Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + via an eSATA cable with specially designed locking connectors. The Synology RX410 extends storage available at Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + up to a maximum capacity of 32 TB

RS812 + Rich Business Application

Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + runs on an award-winning operating system, Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), which offers comprehensive applications and features specifically designed for office and business work groups. The Web Station with PHP / MySQL® support enables a single Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + to accommodate up to 30 web sites and many third-party web applications, such as Content Management, Customer Relations Management & e-Commerce Systems. 

The default mail server changes Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + to become a dedicated mail service provider, while add-on packages, Mail Station 2, provide a webmail interface for users to access e-mail stored at Synology RS812 + / RS812RP +. 

The Synology Surveillance Station offers a centralized interface for managing IP cameras deployed in your office or home, allowing users to travel miles and miles to protect the environment by watching live shows, recording shows, and taking photos with a computer or mobile device. Many additional packages allow Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + to replace several pieces of network hardware. 

VPN servers offer easy VPN solutions that transform Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + into a VPN server, providing security for connecting to private LANs in remote locations. Directory Server allows Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + to be Host LDAP services with centralized access control, authentication, and account management, further enhancing your office management efficiency.

RS812 + iSCSI Ready and Virtualization

With iSCSI support in DiskStation Manager (DSM), Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + provides unlimited storage solutions for server virtualization, such as VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix. This is the ideal alternative for business SAN solutions. Affordable and cost-effective, iSCSI enables SMB users to consolidate storage into data center storage arrays while providing an illusion of locally installed disk hosts.

Energy-Saving Design with RS812 +

Synology DiskStations is designed and developed with energy efficiency in mind. Compared to the average PC, Synology RS812 + / RS812RP + consumes a relatively low amount of power at only 46.2 watts in operation. Wake on LAN / WAN support and scheduled and dead power can further reduce power consumption and operating costs. 

Hibernation HDD can be configured to apply automatically when the system is inactive for a certain period of time. This not only saves energy but also extends the life of the hard disk. All Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recycled packaging materials. Synology recognizes the responsibility as a global citizen to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of each product produced by Synology RS812 +.