Recovery Business Portal

Active Backup for Business Portals

Recovery Business Portal the Active Backup Portal for Business is an affiliated recovery portal from a complete business backup solution, Active Backup for Business. Dedicated to the use of restoration alone, this portal allows admin users and end users to be delegated by the admin server to access, browse, download, and restore backed up data. 

Only authorized users can access this portal. Please refer to the Installation for more information. The Active Backup Portal for Business is automatically installed during the main package installation, Active Backup for Business. 

The icon will be displayed in the package menu along with other packages.  Access the portal by clicking on the icon. Admin, if you enter the agent, can access the portal on the device by clicking Restore Portal on the agent's main application. 

To allow / deny user access: Open the Control Panel> Users / Groups, select the target user or group and then click Edit> Applications, look for the Active Backup Portal for Business in the list then check allow or decline to configure. The accessibility of users to the portal depends on the user's rights and group permission settings. If one of these permissions is set to be rejected, the user cannot access the portal.

Exploration Version of Recovery Business Portal

The main part of the Active Backup for Business Portal consists of the Control menu, Task selector, View role, Restore monitor progress, Restore button, Download button, File viewer, and Dragable version Timeline. In this panel, incoming users can easily change the display roles and tasks that are viewed, then browse the version by dragging the timeline. 

Control menu: At the top right of the portal, the incoming account will be displayed for reference, because the incoming account will decide which display role the user can change according to the delegated permission. To change a task that is viewed: If you want to change the task that is viewed or return the file or folder that was backed up from another task, the login account has permission to access, click change right after that. 

A list of permitted tasks will appear, select the right task and click OK to change the task that is viewed. View roles: At the top left of the portal, right next to the task name, the current viewing role will be displayed. To change display roles: Click change right after the watch role, a list of available display roles for the incoming account will be displayed in the window that appears in Recovery Business Portal. 

Select the display role and then click OK to continue. Tasks available for this display role will also be listed simultaneously. Restore monitor progress: Launch the monitor by clicking Restore at the top left of the portal. The progress of each recovery task can be monitored here. 

Restore Button: Select one or more files or folders in the file viewer, then click Restore right above the file viewer to restore. For more information about recovery on the Active Backup Portal for Business, see Restore for more information. Download button: Select one or more files or folders in the file viewer, then click Download directly above the file viewer to download the selected files and folders. 

If downloading more than one file or folder, all selected files and folders will be zipped into compressed files. This compressed package will be opened after the download is complete. The name of the compressed package downloaded includes the package name, date and time of download. 

File viewer: This portal provides a file browser that is commonly used on personal computers. The screen will display the latest version by default, and can always navigate to a specific time point folder by dragging the time or changing the watch date with the calendar.

Restore the Recovery Business portal

The portal is designed for granular recovery, all reserved files and folders can be restored to the source directory or downloaded to the destination chosen with the portal. The situation varies due to the completeness of the version and type of device. 

Please refer to the following paragraph for more information. To restore a backup version of a certain time point. Find the right time: When you first enter the right task view, the screen will display the latest version by default. 

If the latest version is not the right one, choose to draw the timeline at the bottom of the portal, or click on the calendar icon at the left end of the timeline then select the correct backup time. When it has switched to the correct time (day), the screen will display the latest version of the day by default. 

If you have more than one version reserved on the same day, click the time tag number on the timeline, a list of all reserved versions will be displayed. To configure a conflict / override naming polic.

When the file name that is recovered or downloaded conflicts with the file in the target directory, the default policy is to overwrite the file. However, a check box is supported to decide whether to skip recovery or download files with the version in the confirmation dialog with the Recovery Business portal.