ISCSI Initiator in Windows 7

Connect to Targets with an ISCSI Initiator in Windows 7

So, you have set an ISCSI Initiator in Windows 7 Target to share hard drives or other resources over the network. You know the IP address of the iSCSI Target and you are ready to use the iSCSI Initiator to connect to your Target. Big! All you need to do is follow the instructions below to discuss how to connect an iSCSI Target from your Windows 7 machine. 

If you are using Windows XP, download the Initiator application from Microsoft to connect to your iSCSI Target. So, you are running Windows 7 but what you do you want to use with SAN IiSCSI or OpenFiler is free. You can even want to replace it with an existing iSCSI SAN and your storage admin has created LUN for you.

Launch ISCSI Initiator in Windows 7

The beauty of using Windows 7 with an iSCSI device is a feature that already exists in it. You only need to know where to look. Open the Start Menu and ask the Initiator in the search box. When iSCSI Initiator appears in the search results under Programs, click iSCSI Initiator to launch the application. Configure the iSCSI Initiator, Windows 7 Initiator. 

The iSCSI Initiator Properties window will open. Click the Discovery tab. Click Discover Portal to add the target portal. Enter the IP address that you pulled from Target (this is how to get an IP address if you miss the article). Click OK. Leave it if you use another port, leave the default Port entry. Discuss to the Target Portal. 

Return to the Target tab and your target will appear in the list. Select Target from the list and click the Connect button. When the Connect to Target request appears, check Add this connection to the Target Favorites list. This will ensure your computer is connected to the target, while your compilation reboots. Click OK to complete the connection in ISCSI Initiator in Windows 7. 

Once connected, you will see the target will be listed as connected in the Status column. Click OK to close the iSCSI Initiator window. There he is! You are connected to the target. Now you only need to initialize the drive, which will be discussed in the next post. 

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