Hyper Backup Vault

Warehouse Hyper Backup Vault

Use of Hyper Backup Vault on NAS Synology based on my experience with the product. Hyper Backup Vault has taken over as a backup solution of Time Backup on the Synology NAS and can be configured in various ways and for various purposes. 

How-To Today will show you how to set a local backup to an external USB hard drive so that it reflects the folder directory structure. There are several other ways to back up data such as versions, which I hope will do another How-To in the future. 

Hyper Backup Vault changes your Synology NAS to become a backup destination for other remote Synology NAS servers. This section displays the Total Usage of backup storage from other remote Synology NAS servers, and the volume capacity used by each backup task. To find out more details, click the center of the pie chart.

Hyper Backup Vault Target

After receiving backup data from another remote Synology NAS server, your Synology NAS will create a backup target in a shared folder to store backup data. On the Target list, you can find relevant details below: Directory path: Show where the backup target is in your Synology NAS. To go directly to the backup target, click the directory path. 

Last backup time: Show when the last backup task is complete. Duration: Show how much time is spent completing the backup task. Elapsed time: Displays the amount of time that has elapsed since the current backup job starts running. To view the backup version: Click Backup Explorer (magnifying glass icon) to display all available backup versions under the same backup task. 

On the timeline, select the backup version you want to see the details. You can also copy or download existing files. To find the right file in your backup version, click the funnel icon in the upper left corner and specify your search criteria. To view backup logs: Click Log (document icon) to view log backups from certain backup tasks. 

To find the correct log entry, click the funnel icon in the upper left corner and specify your search criteria. To export the backup log, click Export to export the log as an HTML file or CSV file. Mit Synology Hyper Backup, except Ihr Handumdrehen Backups der Daten auf Eurem NAS. Return to Euch, now Funktioniert Programm.

Hyper Backup Vault

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Get an external rsync server backup server. Gegevens back-up pens for public clouds (Amazon S3 en Microsoft Azure) LUN-back-up: iSCSI LUN external back-up pens opslagapparaten en andere Synology NAS-apparaten Terugzetten: Back-upbestanden terugzetten in Hyper Backup Vault.