Hyper Backup after Boot Disk

Hyper Backup after Boot Disk

The Hyper Backup after Boot Disk not only experience as an IT specialist, but also experience in friendship circles shows, from reserves it is inevitable. During the study, I knew three people, and had lost my diploma thesis. After Falling, there is a backup for your hard drive, which is stolen. See all the photos and more information about all this, get more backup from others to make data.

DS216-Play Hyper Backup after Boot Disk

I followed the Tutorial and Tutorial, with Disk Programs and Software for Backup and Backup of Software and Internet on the Internet, and you cannot access the internet. In this solution, it is removed from cloud storage, or more than that, free NAS and parents are needed. 

Are you a friend who wants to save my data? See more, then click Back up with me! Everyone is integrated with the encryption function even protecting data from the eyes of friends or parents. For this tutorial, you must add DS216j and therefore use DS414 before starting Backup.

Preparing the backup destination Hyper Backup after Boot Disk

Means NAS The backup destination is the one where the backup should end up later. So the Diskstation before friend and parents. In addition, you must install the Hyper Backup Vault application. To do so, open with the Center Package and open the Backup category. Clicking and Installing for Application Hyper Backup Vault starts the installation of the package. 

If not, installation can not be done after you start. Read all information about More options. Here are the last few steps that need to be done and the following features: After that, Internet address (IP) wants to appear below, then activate Quickconnect ID before you start using this technology. 

Use Control Panel -> External access through Service Synology a hostname registerrier. For this a Synology account must exist. Alternative methods aside from the used services (there is absolutely no at the same time). The hostname should be and n e.g. as etwe as technikkram.myds.me. If you want to do something, choose user needs, and thank admin admin should get rights to a foreign NAS. 

Several places on backup partners protect his data from you. Use the button on Control Panel before creating a new user. Back up and up point is an inclusion of a port-wide count (= NAT) on the router. This forwarding port makes it easy to access NAS on the internal network. Without the port further counts, the request would be rejected by the router. 

After you have router setting and undeded router router and works, I recommend using Google. There is nothing special "Port forwarding" and not the name of the router. Port As, and others Synology proposes port 6281. This applies to "inside" and "outside". After that, Diskstation on the Internet wants to open and connect to the Hyper Backup after Boot Disk page to start.