Synology® DX213

The Synology® DX213 provides an easy solution for volume expansion and data backup for the selected Synology DiskStation model. DX213 seamlessly increases DiskStation's storage capacity with the addition of 2 hard drives while traveling directly connected to the expansion cable.

Volume & Backup Expansion DX213

When you run out of hard drive capacity on the Synology DiskStation, Synology DX213 provides an easy way to immediately increase the additional capacity of 2 hard drives. RAID volume on Synology DiskStation can be expanded directly without having to reformat existing hard drives, ensuring Synology DiskStation continues its service during capacity expansion. Synology DX213 can be used as a local backup solution specifically for Synology DiskStation. When made as a separate volume, the Synology DX213 provides a good backup solution for local hard disks in case of system failure.

DX213 Design of Use of Reliable Plug-n

Synology DX213 is connected to using Synology DiskStation expansion cables with specially designed connectors at both ends, ensuring reliable connections and maximum throughput. The 3.0 Gb / second connection speed allows the hard drive in Synology to connect DX213 to operate as an internal Synology DiskStation.

Green & Easy to Manage DX213

Deep Sleep can be configured manually to give effect automatically when the system is inactive for a certain period of time. This not only saves energy but also prolongs the life of the hard disk. DX213 will also smartly turn on / off with DiskStation installed, so no user is required to intervene to keep the system running smart and efficiently.

● Online Volume Expansion
● Special Local Reserve Solution
● Design of Using a Reliable Plug-n
● Automatic power on / off with DiskStation Model

Technical specifications Hardware DX213

HDD / SSD 3.5 "or 2.5" SATA (II) X 2 Internal (hard drive not included). Port Expansion X 1. Type of Synology Hybrid Volume RAID, Basic, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1 Size (HxWxD) 165mm X 100mm X 225.5mm Weight 0.87KG. System Fan 92x92mm, Noise Level1 19dB (A) Power Recovery Sync with connected DiskStation (Default Mode) AC Voltage Input 100V to 240V. 

Power Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz, Single Phase. Relative Humidity 5% to 95% RH. Power Consumption2 21W (Access), 2W (Deep Sleep). Models Supported 3 DS710 +, DS712 +, DS1010 +, DS1511 +, DS1512 +, DS1812 +. Use as independent volume: DS112, DS112 +, DS212 +, DS213 +, DS412 +, DS413.

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