Synology Disk Station DS209 +

The DS209+ Disk Station Very High 2-bay 2-bay NAS Server with RAID 1 Data Protection, AJAX-Based Intuitive User Interface, Smart KIPAS, and Energy-Saving Design. Fast, smart and energy efficient NAS servers to facilitate your office work and maximize your work efficiency; NAS servers with rich functions and extensive support are well structured on intuition and responsive interface.

Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0 - DS209 + is the ideal choice for very high business performance and advanced NAS entry storage server capacity scale. Designed with a modern simplicity mode, the Synology DS209 + with an 800MHz CPU and 512MB RAM performance is impressive, giving rise to the concept of saving energy with the design of Power On / Off, and RAID Variable management offerings. Intelligent 3-speed fan control is used to ensure a cool and quiet NAS server office environment.

DS209 + Speed ​​Performance

Synology DS209 + provides fast data transmission and powerful computing capabilities with proven statistics. In a RAID 1 configuration, DS209 + reaches 42 + MB / Sec in readings and 36 + MB / Sec in writing based on standard CPU and high-level default RAM. This speeds up efficiency by maximizing user accounts to 2,048, group users to 256, and concurrent connections to 256.

DS209 + Smart Fan Design

Synology DS209 + adopts 3-speed intelligent fan control. The fan operates in full, medium and low speeds based on temperature fluctuations. This helps maintain a quiet work environment while a quiet work environment is guaranteed. And more importantly, the automatic speed adjustment design saves unnecessary power Consumption caused by the rotating fan.

Intuitive DS209 + User Interface

Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0 offers a variety of pragmatic and smooth functions in its well-organized settings and responsive user interface. Utilizing AJAX technology, the sophisticated design of Synology DS209 +, such as fast search, file sharing, favorite drag-n-drop, and automatic inspection data, is becoming a simplified reality of presentation. The presentation of the Linux system as a presentation they will do in the Windows environment.

Sparkling Feature
• Secure Internet File Sharing
• Flexible Storage Management
• Total Backup Solution
• Integrated and Economic NVR Solutions
• Several Hosting Company Websites
• And much more ...

DS209 + Energy saving

Synology products designed with a modern and energy-saving concept. Compared to PC server products, Synology products consume far less power than their PC counterparts and hibernate when not in use. 

In addition, the Power On / Off application added to Synology DS209 + gives users the freedom to set the system to turn mode on or off at the desired time, which helps users to be more aware of their wallets, especially in times of high oil prices. 

All Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recyclable packaging materials. Synology recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen and continues to work to reduce the impact environment of the DS209 + Disk Station product.