Synology Cloud Station OSS

Object Storage Service (OSS)

Synology Cloud Station OSS the Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is a storage service that allows storing, backing up and archiving any amount of data in the cloud. OSS is a cost-effective, highly secure and highly reliable storage solution. It uses RESTful APIs and is designed for 99.999999999% (11 nine) of 99.99% durability and availability. By using OSS, it can store and retrieve all types of data anytime, from anywhere on the web.

Use the API and SDK interface provided by Alibaba Cloud or the OSS migration tool to transfer large amounts of data into or out of Alibaba Cloud OSS. Use the Standard OSS storage class to store image, audio and video files for large applications and websites. Here you can use No Mean Access Class (IA) or Archive storage as a low-cost solution for backing up and archiving data that is rarely accessed. OSS Storage Class provides three storage classes: Standard, Frequent Access, and Archives.

This storage class includes various data storage scenarios from hot data to cold data. For more information, see Introduction to the storage class. Buckets are containers for objects stored in the OSS. Every object is contained in a bucket. The data model structure of Alibaba Cloud OSS is flat rather than hierarchical. Objects, also known as files, are fundamental entities stored in the OSS. Objects consist of metadata, data, and keys in Synology Cloud Station OSS.

The key is the name of a unique object in the basket. Metadata defines the attributes of an object, such as the last time changed and the size of the object. Determine the specific metadata of an object. A region represents the physical location of the OSS data center. Select the region where OSS will store the basket that was created. Choose areas that have the least latency, lowest costs, or that meet certain regulatory requirements. In general, the closer the user is to the distance to an area, the faster the access speed.

For more information, see the OSS region and end point. Endpoint is the domain name used to access the OSS. OSS provides external services through HTTP RESTful APIs. Different areas use different end points. For the same region, access via the intranet or via the Internet also uses different endpoints. For more information, see the OSS region and end point. AccessKey (AK) consists of AccessKeyId and AccessKeySecret.

They work in pairs to verify identity access. OSS verifies the sender's identity request using the AccessKeyId / AccessKeySecret symmetric encryption method. AccessKeyId is used to identify users. AccessKeySecret is used for users to encrypt signatures and for OSS to verify signatures. AccessKeySecret must be kept confidential. After loading data into the OSS, you can use it with other Alibaba Cloud products and services.

The following Services are Aften Used With Synology Cloud Station OSS

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Big Data services that use Apache Hadoop and Spark in processing and analyzing data. See the E-MapReduce product details page. ApsaraVideo for Media Processing Cloud services for transcribing multimedia data into various output resolutions, bit rates, and formats for uninterrupted playback. See the product details page for ApsaraVideo Processing Media.

Use the Alibaba Cloud OSS to provide an intuitive operating interface for managing OSS resources. Enter the OSS console to operate the bucket and objects. Use the API and SDK to manage OSS resources. For more information, see the Reference OSS API and Reference OSS SDK. OSS Prices Traditional storage providers require you to purchase a predetermined amount of storage and network transfer capacity.

If the capacity exceeds, the service is turned off or is subject to additional fees. If you do not use full capacity, keep paying as if you have used everything. OSS is only burdensome for what is actually used, without additional costs. As the business grows and enjoys the cost advantages of flexible infrastructure from Alibaba Cloud, it adjusts to meet ever-changing requirements. For more information about OSS prices, see the OSS Pricing page in Synology Cloud Station OSS.