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Online Backup 

Synology Cloud Station Online Backup Cloud for Individuals When using online backup service computer data stored in the cloud, but works differently from cloud storage applications: online backups produce exact copies of the hard drive and transfer all file and folder structures to the provider's online backup service. This mirroring process is very convenient because users do not need to repeat to copy and paste important files to certain folders. 

Apple users can find out this procedure from the Time Machine where all hard drives are copied to another drive. Now, online backup services can run on a work schedule once a day, week, or month, or continuously in the background, so that every time a file changes, it is uploaded to the company server immediately. If the bandwidth and CPU allow this, we always recommend activating continuous backup. 

In recent years, online backup service providers have found that their favorite marketing frustrates pushing the word "unlimited" in their marketing copy. That is, of course, they will not place any restrictions on files uploaded by users who are in their fair use policy. Smart users know this ad from a web hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth in Synology Cloud Station  Online Backup. 

However, fair use policies are usually quite high in the terabyte range, so the average computer user does not need to worry about "running out of space". Safe betting is to go with any unlimited backup service that we value high, for example Backblaze, Crashplan or Carbonite because it can back up external hard drives or NAS devices and don't have to worry about space issues. 

If you need additional features, such as synchronization and file sharing, you must choose an online backup provider carefully because not all services have these features. See IDrive, Acronis True Image Cloud, Jottacloud, Justcloud, or Livedrive for some examples.

Advice From Services Synology Cloud Station  Online Backup 

Most computer users only need a few gigabytes to backup their most important files, however, hard drives are getting cheaper every month and people gather more digital media than before. So planning ahead is a wise choice. Be sure to check how much space on the hard drive is currently occupied. You can achieve that by right clicking either on the C: drive (on Windows) or on your Macintosh hard drive (Get info).

We know it can very much choose the right option. The market is saturated with more than 50 providers so we show our five favorites that have shown high levels of performance and consistency over the past few years. Crashplan ReviewCrashplan has been our most popular cloud backup service for years because it offers a truly unlimited experience (if properly prepared). 

There is almost no limit to how much data you can back up, how many versions you can save or file size, even the large 10GB Outlook e-mail database has been backed up correctly. So where is the catch? We have experienced a slow backup speed from our location in Europe. 

Customers in the US don't seem to have this problem. In many cases, backing up large amounts of files always takes time but Crashplan does a fantastic job with a simple set-it-and-forget-it setting approach. Users can choose a family package that allows to back up to 5 computers / devices in Synology Cloud Station  Online Backup.