Synology Cloud Station NAS Box


Synology Cloud Station NAS Box the network-attached storage (NAS) is just a ticket for storing and streaming own videos, music, and digital photos around the home and even throughout the world. This can be like Spotify, YouTube, or Netflix, except with the media itself. NAS is also very useful for backing up and synchronizing data on computers and mobile devices.

Backing up to local storage is much faster than relying on cloud services like DropBox or OneDrive, and the same applies to recovering accidentally deleted files or recovering from a jammed system. It's also easy to set up a NAS box to function like the cloud service, allowing access from anywhere in the world.NAS box builders have taken to calling their products "private clouds" in an effort to create more for consumers.

We find this as a strong NAS that is worth considering from small businesses and even companies, but does not have some important features that are very important for consumers. As a result, it does not replace one of our top choices at the moment. To get the best from both worlds, most boxes will be synchronized with cloud storage services, providing another layer of data redundancy and disaster recovery options in Synology Cloud Station NAS Box.

If you experience a disaster at home - flood, fire, or earthquake - at least you will have the peace of mind that comes by knowing that the data is backed up safely in another physical location. A word about price: Not all NAS box manufacturers also make hard drives, so many of those who sell these boxes are "uninhabited;" that is, without a hard drive installed. When comparing prices, make sure you know whether the driver is included or not.

Synology Cloud Station NAS Box for Streaming Media and Backup

If you are not familiar with formatting your hard drive or setting up various drives, it may feel more comfortable to buy a filled NAS box and ready to get out of the box. WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra is one of the cheapest two-bay NAS boxes to find, but it's still very fast; in fact, it is almost as fast as business-oriented Netgear ReadyNAS 212, which costs double. That's a combination that is hard to beat.

We have chosen an unpopular version here, but can buy it with a drive that is already installed and configured as RAID 1 for data redundancy (a 4TB $ 349 configuration fee on Amazon). All the boxes in the My Cloud series have the same easy-to-use interface, and this model is equipped with a healthy collection of applications, including the on-board DLNA media server. Install the Z-Wave dongle into its USB port and use it as a smart-home control center.

Consumer-oriented Cloud Mirror My Cloud (Gen 2) is basically the same product with fewer business-oriented features. The My Cloud Mirrors population is slightly cheaper than the most popular EX2 model ($ 299 for the 4TB model on Amazon), but cannot buy uninhabited ones in Synology Cloud Station NAS Box.