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Synology Cloud Station  the MEGA is an interesting cloud storage service that has gone through many changes. In its current incarnation, it is always as safe as ever, but has shrunk its free storage space; sharing has improved, but it can be better, still. Read on for a complete MEGA review. Not long ago, MEGA cloud storage was synonymous with "alternative cloud storage. This is the preferred online storage for torrents and others who distance themselves from top choices like Google Drive and Dropbox.

That's partly thanks to the extensive allocation of free storage and bulletproof security, but also the counter-cultural courage of its former leader, Kim Dotcom. Kim Dotcom is no longer with the company, after being overthrown from MEGA by Chinese investors. What is unfortunate, however, is that MEGA no longer provides a large amount of free cloud storage.

In reducing the amount of storage that gets free, this service must now be a bank especially on its security profile to attract customers. As we will see in the upcoming MEGA review, the profile is mostly sound thanks to the entry of zero knowledge security. In addition, MEGA does have several reasonable price package offers, including 4TB of $ 20 per month and 8TB of $ 30.

 For those who are looking for safe cloud storage, we rank in front of MEGA thanks to better file sharing controls and two-factor authentication, but overall MEGA is still worthy of getting the best cloud storage services out there. It's just not as attractive as service before.Stay with us when we lower all the pros, cons, and costs of finding out whether MEGA is the right cloud house for files. For those who are looking for something different, we have a complete library of cloud storage reviews for consideration too.

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MEGA provides remote server space designed to declare hard drives and serves as an intermediary to synchronize content between devices. One thing that must be clear, is: this is not an online backup service (what's the difference?). Unlike other major cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, MEGA places more emphasis on security than utilities.

Security includes zero knowledge encryption and file-sharing features designed to improve content control. We will look at these two steps in detail later in this review. MEGA provides several different ways to upload and access data: web interface, desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux, and smart phone applications for Android and iOS.

This is actually only one of the few providers with Linux clients, which almost automatically places it among the best cloud storage for Linux options. For those who enjoy a more direct feeling, MEGA even has a command line client. Unlike many other privacy-oriented cloud tools, MEGA still allows viewing files, including streaming music and movies, making it a good choice for media, even if it's not among the best cloud storage for photos and videos.