Synology Cloud Station Drive for PC

Drive for PC

Synology Cloud Station Drive for PC is a utility of services and file sharing, Drive. The PC Drive version allows you to synchronize centralized NAS Synology files and several client computers. To do this smoothly, you must choose NAS Synology as the host server, while the paired computer will act as the client device. Before synchronizing files with your client computer, the package, Drive, is required to install on the Synology NAS host, while the client application (Drive for PC, available at Synology's Download Center) must install on each client computer that you want synchronous with.

To install and manage your Synology NAS Drive and Drive Console, please log in as admin (or the user included in the administrator group), and go to the Center Package to install Drive. After that, the Drive Admin Console must be installed automatically. Then you can free each package used above and click the question mark icon in the upper right corner for detailed information.

 Download and install the Drive utility from Synology's Download Center. Follow the instructions in this section to configure the synchronization service provided by Drive. To set up Drive for PC On a Windows computer, open Start All Synology Drive Programs to launch the setup wizard. On Mac, open the Finder Synology Drive Application to launch the wizard.

Configure Sync Services

On your Linux computer, open the Internet Synology Drive Application Dashboard to launch the wizard. Click Next to continue. Do the following to configure the Synology NAS that you want to synchronize, and then click Next, Enter the IP address or QuickConnect ID, the Synology NAS username and password. For domain users, use the domain name / username to enter. For LDAP users, use "username @ Base_DN" to enter, can also log in with IPv6.

If you cannot connect to NAS Synology, click the Proxy button to open the proxy settings window. Fill in your settings and reconnect to NAS Synology. You can also click the search icon on the right, and Drive will automatically search for other Synology NAS devices on the LAN. Choose whether to synchronize folders / Team Folders in Drive or just enable file synchronization below Shared with me on Drive. Select local and remote folders that you want to synchronize.

If you want to better adjust the synchronization settings, please click Advanced, you can specify folders and files that you don't want to sync in Folders and filters File: Maximum file size If the file is larger than the specified size, its size will not be backed up. Any file name with the specified file name will not be backed up. File extensions Any file extension that is designated will not be backed up. Add * .extension to the table, can configure synchronization tasks to be two-way synchronization, one-way upload or one-way data downloading from the server.

Then you can adjust this configuration in the Synchronization synchronization mode by clicking on the task. Unckeck Enable advanced consistency checks to reduce system time and resources needed in file comparisons. This decreases the accuracy of file comparisons. Click Apply to save the settings. Click Next and Finish to complete the settings.