Synology RackStation RS1619xs+

Synology RackStation RS1619xs+ is a high performance 1U rack mount NAS with comprehensive storage, data backup, and collaboration applications, suitable for small to medium businesses. RS1619xs+ simplifies data management, optimizes virtualization environments, and quickly expands storage capacity with minimal time investment in settings and maintenance. 

Synology RS1619xs+ is supported by Synology 5 year limited warranty. NAS's Strong Solution in the 1U Form Factor Synology RS1619xs+ is a 1U 4 bay rackmount network attached storage solution equipped with a quad-core processor, 8 GB DDR4 memory (can be added up to 64 GB), and four Gigabit LAN ports. 

With an optional 10GbE network adapter card installed, RS1619xs+ provides sequential read throughput of more than 1,523 MB / s and 162,097 iSCSI randomly read IOPS under a RAID 51 configuration. The RS1619xs + comes with two onboard M.2 SSD slots, allowing fast system cache creation with the M.2 2280 NVMe / SATA SSD without occupying 3.5 "internal drive space.

The RS1619xs+ also provides great flexibility to easily increase up to 16 drives when connected to a Synology RX1217 / RX1217RP2 expansion unit. Storage capacity can be expanded according to business needs with little effort.

RS1619xs + Enterprise Class Application

Supported by the innovative Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), RS1619xs+ comes complete with applications and features specifically designed for large-scale businesses: Windows® AD and LDAP support allows easy integration with existing business directory services. 

Windows ACL support provides fine-grained access control and efficient settings privileges, allowing RS1619xs + to enter seamlessly into existing infrastructure. Internet file access is simplified by encrypted FTP servers and file based web explorer Synology Technology Stations. 

HTTPS support, firewalls, and IP auto-blocks ensure sharing files over the Internet is protected with a high level of security. Privileges The application controls access to applications and packages based on each individual account, user group, or IP address.

Generation Storage Efficiency with RS1619xs+

RS1619xs + introduces the Btrfs file system, bringing the most advanced storage technology to meet modern business management needs: Advanced snapshot technology with a customizable backup schedule allows shared folders to be supported at a minimum of 5 minutes intervals, without consuming a lot of system resources. 

File and folder level data recovery brings great convenience and saves the time of users who want to restore only certain files or folders. Flexible Shared Folders and User Quota Systems provide comprehensive quota controls for all user accounts and shared folders. Self-healing file: The Btrfs file system is able to automatically detect damaged files by meta data mirrors and recover damaged data using supported RAID volumes, including RAID1, 5, 6, and 10. 

Advanced iSCSI services built for IT administrators who offer LUN and provides snapshot creation, recovery, and cloning as fast as lightning. RS1619xs + is designed considering virtualization. Virtual Machine Managers allow testing of new software in the sandbox, isolating customer machines, and increasing server flexibility. 

The Virtual DSM provides an intuitive experience similar to that offered by DiskStation Manager a reliable storage solution with advanced features. Various Operating System Supports enable running Windows, Linux, and DSM Virtual on NAS Synology in just a few steps in RS1619xs+. 

Snapshots for Virtual Machines are snapshot technologies provided by Manager Virtual Machines, making it possible to clone and restore virtual machines perfectly in seconds. Live Migration allows you to migrate virtual DSM instances seamlessly from one Synology NAS to another. Flexible IT Resource Management allows allocating hardware resources such as computing power, storage space, or network interfaces in several virtual machines. 

The Multi-Tenant Environment allows creating multiple virtual machines that are isolated from a subsidiary's business unit or department. Synology iSCSI Storage fully supports most virtualization solutions to improve efficiency work with a simple management interface.

RS1619xs+ with a Strong Collaboration Solution

Use the collaboration series on NAS Synology to build a private cloud to enhance team collaboration and increase productivity. The Synology drive makes it possible to access data and files on Synology NAS through an integrated portal and allows cross-platform synchronization to access data anywhere, it can also install the Synology Office's online editor and collaborate with other documents, spreadsheets and slides. 

Synology MailPlus allows businesses to create personalized and reliable mail servers with high availability design support and provide employees with intuitive web-based clients to manage email and increase productivity. Synology Calendar allows to manage team schedules, and manage daily tasks easily. 

Event information can also be synchronized to CalDAV clients, allowing to check schedules anywhere and anytime. Synology Chat is a web-based application that allows you to start conversations instantly and safely and optimize the company's internal communication with such information management and strong interaction features.

Reliability, Availability & Disaster Recovery RS1619xs+

System reliability is very important for businesses everywhere. The RS1619xs+ responds to this concern with its wide availability and redundancy features: High Availability Synology ensures a smooth transition between clustered servers in the event of unexpected disasters and ensures that services remain online. 

Snapshot replication provides scheduled and almost instant data protection, ensures business documents in shared folders, virtual machines at iSCSI LUNs, or docker application data remains safe and available in the event of a disaster. Excessive power supply, system fans, and network ports with failover support ensure continuous service uptime. 

High reliability system design, including fanless CPU heat-sink and passive cooling technology, prevents a single failure point. DDR4 ECC U-DIMM reduces power consumption and has error detection and correction capability during data transmission in RS1619xs+.