the General common network options such as the default gateway, DNS server, proxy, and IPv6 tunneling are available in Control Panel> Network> General. Rename the Synology NAS Device. In renaming the NAS Synology device, enter a new server name and click Apply. Server names are case insensitive and can range from 1 to 15 characters, consisting of letters, numbers, underscores and minus signs. 

The first character name must be a letter. When setting the Default Gateway, just enter the IP address for the default gateway and click Apply to save the settings. Determining the DNS Server IP Address, we can choose to manually configure the DNS server IP address. In this case, the IP address of the preferred DNS server must be entered. 

An alternative DNS server IP address can also be entered, providing a backup if the selected DNS server has a problem. After the DNS server IP address has been configured as desired, please click Apply to save the settings. The DNS server and default Gateway fields will be set automatically and cannot be changed when all network interfaces are currently configured automatically or when using a PPPoE connection.

Connect via a General Proxy Server

To allow NAS Synology devices to be connected via a proxy server, check Connect via proxy server, enter the Address and Port, then click Apply. Click Advanced Settings to configure HTTP proxy, HTTPS proxy, and authentication information. By default, HTTPS proxy settings are the same as HTTP proxies. 

If Connect via a proxy server is checked, the DSM Update and Package Center together with several other packages will always be connected to the Internet through a proxy. If the Bypass proxy server for local addresses is checked, make sure the DNS server used by Synology NAS can complete queries for devices on the local network. 

Enable IPv6 Tunneling. Until IPv6 completely replaced IPv4, IPv6 tunneling was needed to allow hosts with IPv6 addresses to achieve IPv4 services. This technique provides a way to bring IPv6 traffic in existing IPv4 networks. If you are unsure how to configure IPv6 or face connection problems, please contact an Internet Service Provider. 

To activate IPv6 Tunnel: Check the Activate tunnel box to activate tunnel support. On the server address, enter the host service name or IP address of the tunnel service provider, for example: Choose if you want to connect anonymously or connect with an existing account. This external IPv6 address can be updated automatically by the service provider. However, the Synology NAS device will not immediately delete the old IPv6 address General.