Synology DS1813+

DiskStation DS1813+ With superior performance, scalability, durability and comprehensive features, Synology® DS1813+ is the ideal storage solution for growing SMBs. The DS1813 + can help simplify data management, provide centralized goals for storage, backup and sharing - with minimal settings and freedom to expand capacity at any time. 

DS1813 + is supported by Synology's limited 3-year Warranty. Synology DS1813 + is made for speed. With dual core CPU and expanded RAM Capacity, the DS1813 + is ideal for important SMB mission tasks as well as the most intensive applications ranging from data encryption to video transcode. With link aggregation, Synology DS1813 + can produce up to an average of 352.39 Reading MB / sec and 211.88 MB / sec write speeds under a RAID 5 configuration in the Windows®.1 environment. 

With iSCSI support in DSM, DS1813 + provides solutions Unlimited storage for virtualization environments, including VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V. VMware Integration of vSphere®5 and VAAI, DS1813 + helps dismantle certain storage operations and optimize computing power for unmatched performance and efficiency in the VMware environment. 

This is the ideal alternative for SAN solutions for businesses. Affordable and cost-effective, iSCSI allows SMB users to do so to consolidate storage into a data center storage array while providing hosts with the illusion of locally installed disks.

Synology DS1813+ Rich Application Business Application

Make data work with Synology's DS1813 +. With Windows ACL and LDAP it supports DS1813 + easily entering the existing working group environment, providing detailed access control and efficient privilege settings. 

The wealth of SMB applications including printer sharing, VPN servers, ERP software, mail servers, web servers, anti-virus, and network video surveillance, enables the single Synology DS1813 + to replace some traditional hardware and help maximize productivity while keeping costs and efforts to a minimum maybe. 

In addition to superior performance, DS1813 + is built for reliability. Four LAN ports provide redundancy in the event of unexpected hardware failure while hot swappable drives also help minimize system downtime during drive replacement. Furthermore, passive cooling technology eliminates dependence on special processor cooling fans. 

Should the fan fail, the built-in redundancy mechanism will rotate the functional fan to increase ventilation.Uninterrupted availability is an important goal for all businesses; However, many businesses around the world are still not ready to face disasters. 

High Availability Technology (SHA) can ensure a smooth transition between clustered servers in the event of a server failure with minimal impact on the application to reduce the risk of unexpected interference and expensive downtime.

DS1813+ Unparalleled Flexibility

As data storage needs increase, DS1813 + Synology can grow together. The DS1813 + can be connected to a special expansion unit for additional storage quickly, increasing capacity with little effort. 

When paired with two DX5132 expansion units through a specially designed eSATA connector, raw capacity can be as high as 72 TB. To protect important business data, DS1813 + can be a centralized backup target to consolidate fragmented and unstructured information across the network through a series of options. PC users can backup DS1813 + with the Synology Data Replicator, while DS1813 + also fully supports the original Mac OS X® Apple® Time Machine®. 

The Synology backup wizard itself can backup information to other Synology NASs or rsync servers, with the option of using an encrypted connection, or to an external hard drive via USB 3.0 or eSATA. The wizard can also back up information to the cloud, including Amazon® S3, Glacier, and STRATO HiDrive.

DS1813+ Energy Saving Design

Synology DiskStation is very well designed and developed by considering energy efficiency. Compared to the average PC, Synology DS1813 + only consumes 75.19 watts in operation. Wake on LAN / WAN and scheduled power on / off features can further reduce power consumption and operating costs. 

Hibernation HDD can be configured to function automatically when the system is inactive for a certain period of time to save energy and extend the life of the hard disk. All Synology products are manufactured with RoHS parts that are suitable and packaged with recycled packaging materials. Synology recognizes the responsibility of global citizens and continues to work to reduce the environmental impact of each Synology DS1813 product.