DiskStation DS216j

Synology DiskStation DS216j

DiskStation DS216j is a 2-bay NAS server that is perfect for home and personal users to build their own personal cloud. Simple but powerful, Synology DS216j offers a new experience of sharing data easily, streaming multimedia, and synchronizing the cloud beneath a neat and tidy appearance. Synology DS216j is supported with a Synology 2-year limited warranty. 

The Versatile Personal Cloud for Daily Life Synology DS216j is 2-bay, a dual-core NAS CPU specifically designed for home and personal users, standing to be one of the best values ​​on the current NAS 2-bay server. DS216j provides more than 112.75MB of reading and 97.6MB of writing under a RAID1 configuration in the Windows Environment. Equipped with a hardware encryption engine, the DS216j offloads the calculation of encryption from the main CPU. 

Dual USB 3.0 ports provide transfer speeds 10 times higher than USB 2.0. DS216j dating with front LED indicator allows brightness that can be adjusted up to 4 levels; brightness can be changed automatically on a customized schedule. Strong but efficient, low power comsumption of 14.85 watts during access and 6.95 watts during hibernation makes the NAS DS216j environmentally friendly, reducing operating costs in DiskStation DS216j. 

Running on the DiskStation Synology Manager, the DS216j provides tons of feature-rich applications, making everyday life better than ever before. Cross-Platform File Sharing Synology DS216j supports comprehensive network protocols, ensuring file sharing experiences that are seamless experience on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. 

Windows AD and LDAP integration allows DS216j to adjust quickly and easily into existing network environments without the need to re-create user accounts. Cloud Sync stores Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Storage OneDrive, Baidu, and Boxes in sync with DiskStation privately at home. 

The Cloud Station Suite makes it possible to synchronize files between multiple devices - Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or tablet / Android ™ phones - painstakingly keeping everything up-to-date. When enjoying file sharing seamlessly, all file sharing over the Internet is protected at a high level of security with HTTPS, a firewall, and an automatic IP block mechanism supported by DS216j.

DLNA Certified Media Server DiskStation DS216j

As a DLNA DMS (Digital Media Server) certified, the DS216j functions as a media server ready with the ability to host digital multimedia content for remote playback. DLNA-compliant devices can access shared content on DS216j in the same local area network without fussing over privilege settings. DS216j not only makes multimedia files accessible without preconfiguration, but also converts cellular devices into remote control of the Synology cellular application. 

Movies, photos and music can be streamed directly to the TV or player, directly from the palm. The DS216j Well-Rounded Multimedia Center comes with abundant tools for managing multimedia files with ease and comfort. The intuitive Photo Station design allows to easily organize photos of customized categories, smart albums, and blog posts. With a few clicks, you can share unique photos with popular social networking websites, from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, to Weibo. 

The Audio Station is equipped with a built-in lyrics plugin, Internet radio, and support for DLNA, AirPlay, and Bluetooth speakers for quality playback. With Video Station, you can watch online movies and TV shows and record favorite programs with DVB-T, DVB-S or DTMB tuner. Anywhere Anytime Availability of QuickConnect and EZ-Internet configure DS216j for easy and easy access on the Internet. Combined with the Synology mobile application, the DS216j offers anywhere, anytime as much as you like. 

With photo DS, DS audio, and DS video you can enjoy anywhere access to multimedia files; with downloads DS, DS files, and cloud DS, you can experience downloading, access, and unlimited file synchronization. Running on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a web-based operating system specifically created for each Synology NAS. 

Featuring an intuitive multitasking user interface, DSM provides a desktop experience to minimize efforts in exploring and managing DiskStation. The default Center Package allows downloading and installing various request packages, ranging from backup, multimedia, business, security, and utilities. With all the built-in features and add-ons, DSM provides with complete and smooth DS216j controls, helping to maximize productivity and utilize the best of digital assets.

Save energy with Cool and Quiet Design DiskStation DS216j

DS216j is designed taking into account energy efficiency. It comes with a 92 X 92 mm fan of smart air flow to keep the system cool 24/7, and the noise canceling design makes it ultra-quiet compared to PC counterparts. The hard drive hibernation feature can further reduce power consumption and operating costs. 

All Synology products are manufactured with parts that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recyclable packaging materials. Synology recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen to continuously work in reducing the environmental impact of each product produced in DiskStation DS216j.