DiskStation DS119j

Synology DiskStation DS119j

Synology DiskStation DS119j is a 1-bay NAS that is cost effective, versatile, and easy to use with the ability to host, share and protect data for personal users. The DS119j offers a variety of packages in its Central DSM Package, allowing beginners to explore the unlimited possibilities of Synology NAS.

Synology DS119j is supported with a Synology 2-year limited warranty.  The first NAS is ideal for everyone Synology DS119j is a 1-bay storage, an entry-level network-attached specifically designed for personal users. With the support of Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), a web-based and intuitive multitasking operating system, the DS119j is easy to use and ideal for users who don't have NAS experience. 

Powered by a dual-core processor, the DS119j provides excellent sequential throughput in more than 112 MB of reading and 108 MB of writing in the Windows1 environment. With the support of the embedded hardware encryption engine, DS119j provides encrypted throughput data in more than 111 MB s of reading and 67 MB of writing1 in DiskStation DS119j.

 DS119j only consumes 10 watts during access and 5 watts during HDD hibernation. With Wake-on-LAN support and power schedule control, the DS119j functions as a 24/7 personal storage server that saves electricity and is budget-friendly. Easy settings and management Web Assistant is a web-based utility designed for users to easily set up their Synology NAS. 

System installation is done with a web browser that is only in a few simple steps. This is combined with a fast start widget, which allows users to simultaneously explore the DSM operating system and complete basic system settings. For users not familiar with router configurations, the EZ-Internet Synology Wizard simplifies the process of setting up network access to DS119j by guiding users through network settings such as firewall, port-forwarding, PPPoE settings, and DDNS registration.

Available on Anytime and Anywhere DiskStation DS119j

Synology provides a mobile application for enjoying multimedia libraries wherever and wherever. Available on iOS and Android platforms, DS photos, DS audio, DS video, and DS files allow access to NAS Synology, each through the Photo Station, Audio Station, Video Station, and File Station.

QuickConnect allows connection to NAS Synology through a secure and customizable address, so it can directly access media files and jobs on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. Cross-Platform File Sharing and Synology Data Synchronization DS119j supports comprehensive network protocols, ensuring files that seamlessly share experiences on the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. 

Windows AD and LDAP Integration allow DS119j to adjust quickly and easily into networks that have an environment, without the need to create the same user account. Cloud Sync keeps Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Baidu, and Box storage synchronized with DiskStation privately at home. 

The Cloud Station Suite makes it possible to synchronize files on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and mobile devices, easily storing everything up-to-date. The DS119j combines seamless file sharing capabilities with a high level of security, including HTTPS support, built-in firewalls, and many IP and intrusion mechanisms for auto-blocking.

DiskStation DS119j Easy Backup Solution

Synology Hyper Backup provides multi-version backup with the addition of backup deduplication and cross-version block levels. It optimizes storage utilization and allows data to be backed up to multiple destinations such as local shared folders, hard external drives, shared network folders, rsync servers, and public cloud services. 

Running on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a web-based operating system that is able to provide cloud services privately. This is designed to simplify daily task management. The multitasking web interface allows running multiple applications simultaneously on one browser tab and immediately switches between them. 

Intuitive DSM allows to easily configure capacity storage, gives full control of the private cloud, and allows access to the Synology NAS from anywhere. The default Center package allows you to download and install packages designed to meet the needs of different users, such as sharing cloud files, sharing photos on online albums, or managing VPN environments. Tasks can be done in just a few steps. DiskStation DS119j is the best solution to save costs.