Sinology Cloud Station Connectivity

Synology Cloud Station Connectivity

Synology Cloud Station Connectivity server  can be connected with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, domain names, and Synology QuickConnect. It also supports tunneling and proxy HTTPS for the environment. Security. Data transmission between server and client can be encrypted by SSL, and the certificate checking feature helps clients verify the identity of the server. Privileged settings are only allowed for selected users to access files through Cloud Station. Support for encrypted shared folders will ensure data is safe at rest. More security designs are explained in Security. 

Quick Connect Quick Connect allows client applications to connect to your Synology NAS via the Internet without the need to set up port forwarding rules. Quick Connect can also work with packages developed by Synology, such as Audio Stations, Video Stations, Download Stations, Surveillance Stations, Photo Stations, File Stations, Record Stations, CMS, Cloud Stations, and mobile applications. To activate Quick Connect:

Open the General QuickConnect Control Panel. Check Activate Quick Connect. Enter the existing Synology Account information or register a new account. Specify a new Quick Connect ID. Make sure it's easy to remember, so it will be able to access the Synology NAS anytime. Click Apply. note: Special Quick Connect IDs can include letters, numbers, and hyphens ("-"), and must start with letters. To improve QuickConnect connectivity: NAS Synology offers advanced options to make QuickConnect access more adaptable to different network environments. Open the Advanced Quick Connect Control Panel. Select the options below that suit your needs: Activate the Quick Connect relay service.

Synology Quick Connect

Your Quick Connect connection will be forwarded through Synology Relay Server when direct Quick Connect access to Synology NAS is not possible under the current network environment.Automatically creates port forwarding rules: When NAS Synology is under a router that supports UPnP, the router will be notified to create port forwarding rules for Quick Connect. Click Apply. note: The Quick Connect connection that is running may be slow due to longer network latency. When the router is allowed to create port forwarding rules for Quick Connect, Synology NAS may be exposed to security risks.

To enable / disable Quick Connect for specific applications / services: Open the Advanced Quick Connect Control Panel. Select the application / service for which you want to activate Quick Connect. Click Apply. Note: For better Quick Connect performance, you are advised to go to the External Configuration Router Access Control Panel to configure port forwarding for each service: DSM: 5000 (HTTP); 5001 (HTTPS) Photo Station: 80 (HTTP); 443 (HTTPS). Cloud Station: 6690 Troubleshooting If you see a message A network error has occurred, this means the Quick Connect service has stopped due to a network error.

Please check the following: Your Synology NAS is connected to an active network (in Control Panel> Network> Network Interface). The DNS server and default gateway settings are configured correctly (in Control Panel> Network> General). Make sure Synology NAS can access the Internet by using the following destination ports: 80, 443, 8888. When network errors are corrected, the QuickConnect service is automatically resumed in a few minutes.