Synology Data Management Solutions

Synology Data Management 

Synology Data Management Solutions held the Synology Solution Exhibition 2019 at the TPKA Taipei in Far Eastern Telecom Park during the Computex 2019 event from 29 to 31 May 2019. In the event, Synology shows a variety of solutions that address business issues that can help businesses allocate their resources based on needs, while building efficient, safe and flexible data management systems to improve operational efficiency.

There are at least six main areas, including the next generation data servers, modern data protection, protection and virtual storage devices, robust network implementation, 'smart' supervision and photo management. With ease of use that has been tested in the field and supports a variety of devices equipped with a reliable and secure all-data data management platform. 

Synology hopes to provide businesses with a variety of competitive and cost-effective solutions to solve various management issues and solution solutions faced by IT staff , in other words facilitating digital transformation. Simon Hwang, Synology General Manager for the Asia Pacific region, through media broadcasts received by Warta Ekonomi, explained, when the business world increasingly globalized, access to data across offices became increasingly challenging compared to before with Synology Data Management Solutions. 

Synology Solutions

Synology answers the need for synchronization, sharing and collaboration with the next generation server, Synology Drive, not only allows businesses to access data remotely smoothly, but also provides flexibility in setting data retention (time span of stored data) and the diversity of interlocking packages integrated.

Furthermore, flexible data back-up and recovery are needed and keep the business competitive through layered data protection. The latest update from Synology Active Backup for Business supports back-up and data recovery with the Hyper-V virtual machine, further consolidating data protection.

With license-free Active Backup for Business, Shiseido Taiwan is able to centralize their back-up process in the physical and virtual environment with a successful savings of up to 52%. To ensure business continuity, Synology offers a reliable protection and storage solution for virtual environments with active storage servers The latest UC3200 provides uninterrupted iSCSI services, a high-performance all-flash solution, FS6400, designed specifically for I / O-intensive applications and latency-sensitive.

Synology Data Management Solutions

By installing Virtual Machine Manager, businesses can create and run many virtual machines to allocate hardware resources and build a virtual environment in a flexible manner, minimizing the risk of business losses resulting from unexpected termination of services. One more thing. 

The Synology Router Manager allows companies to easily monitor network status and protect various internet-connected devices from cyber attacks with an intuitive interface. Integrating deep video analytics, the latest network surveillance server, DVA3219, supports the latest video analytics, such as people counting and object filtering automatically inside or outside space, making the business environment more secure and 'smart' in Synology Data Management Solutions.