Synology SNMP Driver

Synology SNMP

Synology SNMP Driver is one of the manufacturers that builds their devices with SNMP support to provide monitoring and management capabilities. This makes it very easy to let OpenNMS keep an eye on your NAS and can notify you if there is a problem. All you need to do is use SNMP Monitor and configure the OID you want to monitor. Nobody likes to investigate MIB files, so I have shared my configuration on our Wiki. Attached Network Storage Devices are very popular in small or medium offices or at home for storing and sharing data.

SNMP stands for Simple Network Monitoring Protocol. Its usefulness in network administration comes from the fact that it allows information to be collected about devices that are connected to the network by means of standards in various types of hardware and software. SNMP is a protocol for transferring management information in a network, to be used in a particular LAN, depending on the version chosen.

This article will tell you how to monitor the following items on your Synology NAS:

• Overall system status
• Power supply status if you have redundancy
• System fan status
• CPU fan status
• Status of software updates
• Update server connectivity
• Status of the physical disk drive
• Status array logical attacks

I have tested configurations with DS216J and DS1515 + and hope your NAS lives long and prosperous with Synology SNMP Driver.

Independent Storage Capaciti

Synology offers a highly scalable attached network (NAS) storage solution that makes independent storage capacity available for computer networks with little or no effort. PRTG monitors the health of NAS system systems to ensure data remains safe and distribution of storage space is done through the network. PRTG also lets you quickly identify hardware and software errors.

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Synology SNMP PRTG 
Free Driver

Central Dashboard For All Storage Systems

Paessler offers network administrators a professional, complete solution, thus eliminating the need to rely on a variety of stand-alone applications. Thanks to the PRTG "producer-agnostic" approach to monitoring, you can link and compare Synology data with other device data. The central PRTG dashboard provides an overview of all routers and storage systems, not just those from Synology SNMP Driver.

Synology of NAS Monitor with PRTG

These sensors provide all the most important NAS health data, and allow you to insert logical and physical NAS disks individually. Only a glimpse is needed to determine where the final problem is with your Synology storage. In addition, thanks to the excellent SNMP support and documentation provided by the Synology system, you can use PRTG to request more data significantly than what is sent by the standard sensor, the data that you can then enter into your monitoring. With PRTG, you will monitor every important aspect of NAS. PRTG provides a home for favorite manufacturers with Synology SNMP Driver.