Synology Mail Server

Synology Mail Server

The attached storage Synology Mail Server network facilitates the process through the MailPlus Server client software and provides many default mail configuration tools to assist management. Have you ever thought of setting up a private mail server? After this point this need occurs in the case of organizations and individuals as well. NAS Synology Devices provide solutions for business and personal needs as well.

Why is the MailPlus NAS Synology Server Suitable for Business Needs and Personal Needs too?

Sending e-mail means one of the basic capabilities of an organization. When the size of an organization requires an email address with a personal domain name, the situation becomes complicated. NAS provides a mail server solution that is well configured and easy to use. Every other function - Backup, Torrent Server, FTP server etc. - can be used in the meantime. 

The MailPlus Synology server supports various email transfer protocols such as SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. All necessary features are delivered on one device. No need to spend thousands on exchange server software. Build a home mail server? Sending emails is quite complicated. Most technology sites do not recommend individuals to host their own mailboxes. 

This view makes sense, because a poorly configured and managed e-mail server can be posted on a spam list or hacked easily. Luckily you can avoid this risk with NAS. Manufacturers pay attention to virus protection and security holes. Maybe this is the safest and easiest way to launch a private Synology Mail Server.

Setting up the Synology Email Server

Before starting the process, you must consider several aspects. Does it have a fast and reliable internet connection? Internet connection problems affect server performance. The number of addresses to be hosted by the server is also an important aspect. The MailPlus Synology server provides 5 addresses for free. So, if you need more mailboxes, please check the provider license package.

Download Synology Mail Server

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There are requirements that must be fulfilled

First of all it requires the right IP address. When operating an e-mail server, the server must be accessible at all times. Most home internet connections use dynamic IP which usually changes. At this point there are two opportunities. First, you can submit a static IP address on an Internet Service Provider. Static IP has been fixed and has never changed and is dedicated to the network in Synology Mail Server. 
Naturally, IPS will require additional fees for static IPs. Second, you can register for free dynamic DNS services. When using DDNS the email server is authenticated by the domain name that is directly connected to the current IP. This is a fair solution, but we recommend paying static IPs for organizations. Obviously the setup process requires further knowledge so for more detailed details, see the manufacturer's official guide.

When the Email Server is Functioning

Messages can be contacted anywhere and anytime via MailPlus. The Synology email client is very similar to gmail. Besides handling other mailboxes, it is not just letters related to NAS. When activating the POP3 and IMAP protocols, you can access e-mail from other clients, even from a smartphone. The POP3 protocol serves to migrate messages to client device storage, while IMAP stores them on the server. So that the IMAP protocol can access various Synology Mail Server devices and clients simultaneously.