Synology Glacier Backup

Synology NAS to Glacier Backup

Read on Synology Glacier Backup in the previous tutorial we played by making our first part, integrating our NAS into the Domain and now, to complete everything, we will cover backing up our files to the amazing Amazon Cheap Glacier. 

I do this in my business environment, but I must honestly say, I am very happy with how easy and cheap this is, that I will also apply this kind of Reserve to the environment of my professional Photography at home. So far I have just backed up all my pictures on an external Hard Drive (Next to my Raid Z1 NAS), but this is really so cheap that I will automate the whole process of becoming a Glacier.

Creating IAM Users for Our NAS Synology

Now you have to go to Amazon AWS and go to the Management Console. When finished, navigate to Services / IAM, click Users and click Add User. We don't want to use our Admin Account with permission for everything for our Synology NAS, but want to create a new one that only has full access to the Synology Glacier Backup.

Give a User Name (Synology is fine) and as an Access Type check Programatic Access because we do need an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. Now scroll down until you find AmazonGlacierFullAccess and check that point. Click Create Next Group. Check GlacierFullAccess for our Users and click Next: Review. Double check that everything is running correctly and press Create User.

Return to our Synology NAS and Complete Backup

Now go back to the Synology NAS and enter the Access Key and Secret Key that was just created for Synology Users. Select the correct Region. Check Enable Transfer Encryption if you want and select how large each of the Upload Parts should be. I will stick with 512MB because this is a good size for my internet connection.

If you have a very slow internet connection, you might want to reduce it. Now choose what you want to back up. If you want to back up everything, just check the Shared Folder. Next, you must choose the Schedule. This backup will run once and in full afterwards. That means, first shoveling all those who choose to Glacier. After this first large backup, it will only add new files or delete deleted files. 

I go for the Advanced Schedule because I want the reserve to run every day at 22:00. can adjust this at will Check Backup immediately after the wizard is complete if you want to start the backup process immediately. Review the settings and check if everything is what you want. Click Apply in Synology Glacier Backup.

Complete and check Backup Status

To check the progress of Upload can open Glacier Backup on NAS Synology and click Backup. On the right, you will see a Backup Status that shows how much has been uploaded and how much is left. There he is. Within minutes, prepare a complete Backup Schedule from NAS Synology to the Amazon Glacier. 

I really like how easy it is. It really removes my interaction with the entire backup process. I just need to check everything is still running occasionally. I was surprised how easy it is to use this application, considering that the whole AWS Behemoth is quite complicated. I hope that helps. If yes, consider becoming a Protector so that I can produce more good things Synology Glacier Backup.