Synology DSM Download

Synology DSM 

Synology DSM Download or Synology DiskStation Manager is the operating system of all Synology NAS drives. It doesn't matter if you have a simple DS115j or high-end DS718, Synology DSM is a hub for all functions. Behind it is a user interface with an operating system that is more or less full to control everything from NAS. Menu navigation is made simple, clear system control and advanced functions can be achieved quickly. 

After initial setup is complete, you can use Storage Manager to manage hard drives and read features such as SMART hard drive values ​​or create RAID. Especially beginners must take a closer look at the control panel: Here will find all the basic functions around the possibility of creating users, creating public folders, many simple explanations about possible functions and also the possibility for external access to be found in this position.

DSM Technology Preparation

For all new NAS Synology settings, it will take around 15 minutes to activate and run it. As soon as the NAS is equipped with a hard drive and integrated on the network, it will find it at With the help of settings through step by step all important functions, set your username and password and the NAS is ready to help with Synology DSM Download .

Audio Station

This application is most similar to Spotify. Audio stations manage local music or MP3s and stream them to the device. So having - if you still have an MP3 collection - doesn't load on each device, but can stream directly through the appropriate application on the smartphone.

Photo Station

If managing many photos, Photo Station might be suitable for. With this application, image galleries similar to the Photos application from Mac or Windows are stored on the NAS. This can be managed flexibly and - if desired - password protected for others and shared with appropriate rights. The benefits: Photos are stored on the NAS, but can also be viewed from outside or from other people. Only for sharing vacation photos, a good choice.

Video Station

Video Station is a program similar to "Plex", which allows managing films, TV shows, or serials locally. For the latter, however, a DVB-S / T / C receiver via USB to NAS is required. If you have saved a series or movie, the NAS will try to load the cover and description of the film from the internet, with TV series grouping individual episodes and seasons to be offered. Streaming a low resolution version of the video while traveling, this happens quickly on this Synology DSM Download  model.

Touch station

Note Station is basically a free and simple version of Evernote, which I use, among others, for my paperless office. What Note Station does and how its behavior is tested compared to Evernote, I have shown in this article (coming soon) in more detail. This makes it possible to create a notebook and fill it with notes, pictures and tables. Likewise, this program can handle a list of things to do.

Download Synology DSM 

DSM DS115j
Free Driver
Free Driver

Cloud Station and Cloud Sync

With Cloud Station, you can share files between several devices, such as Windows PCs, Macs, smartphones and networks, and access them from anywhere. Likewise, access from other locations is possible. With the default version, you can back up "versions" of different files and restore an older version if you delete or overwrite important parts of the document Synology DSM Download.

Cloud Sync allows backing up data to external storage services such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and others. So, it can apply reserves outside the home using the 3-2-1 rule. If you want to upload data, you can do it without encryption or encrypted "on the fly". With this application, I have regularly backed up my data from NAS on OneDrive made by Microsoft. Thus, local changes are reflected directly into the cloud. Although this does not replace the backup, this is another alternative.

The new Drive function can be understood as a dropbox clone. This allows simplified file synchronization and management at the folder level. Through the web portal, you can access various folders and share or share them with other users. But not only that, these files can also be password protected or only released for a certain period of time. Basically, drives are a kind of station file for managing data. However, here data can be shared individually. Of course the File Station will be replaced by Drive in the long run in Synology DSM Download .

Supervision Station

This feature is primarily intended for small businesses using surveillance cameras. Basically, this is a SmartHome solution that controls surveillance cameras, saves every photo shoot on the NAS, and manages security systems. Camera recordings are stored on the NAS and are also available on the network or from outside.

With Synology's Office, it is possible to create, edit, and collaborate on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents. Its functionality is not enough to reach the original, but if you have to write letters occasionally or want to make PowerPoint, get the free and neat option here. Again, the data is stored on the NAS.

Hyper Backup

With Hyper Backup, it can automatically save data to external devices, other Synology NASs, or to public cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud services. Important to note: Data is checked for integrity, which means that each file is checked individually and replaced with the correct file in case of a damaged file (corrupted file). Likewise, the backup is stored in stages and in different versions, so the storage space needed in cloud storage will be reduced with Synology DSM Download .