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Always Exposed to Ransomware, Shiseido Uses the Synology Backup Solution

The Solution Synology Backup in ransomware attack continues to go crazy. This can be seen from the security company data, Recorded Future. Throughout 2017, the number of ransomware was around 365 variants. But in 2018, the number reached 1105 variants. The majority of ransomware is indeed "amateur", but sophisticated and complex ransomware continues to grow. If you are not careful, companies can get caught by the ransomware virus that threatens the integrity of data within the company.

This is what happened to Shiseido Taiwan, the branch office of the Japanese Shiseido cosmetics company. During the ransomware outbreak in 2017, several computers at the Shiseido Taiwan office were affected. As a result, some important data on the company were lost. To prevent the event from recurring, Shiseido began to look for efficient data backup solutions. After selecting several options, Shiseido chose the Synology Active Backup for Business Solution Synology Backup.

Synology itself has been better known as a provider of NAS products (Network Attached Server). But to support the performance of its NAS products, Synology also provides supporting software, including Active Backup for Business. Through this software, data from all computers in the company will be backed up to NAS Synology. The process takes place automatically according to the specified schedule (for example every Friday afternoon or every afternoon).

So when a computer is infected with ransomware, the data can be restored to its previous state. Active Backup for Business software can be used for four data types, namely PCs (Windows and Macintosh), physical servers, file servers, and virtual machines. All data backups are managed in one interface to make it easier for IT divisions in your company. Interestingly, the Active Backup for Business software is free. Companies do not need to pay for licenses as long as users use NAS Synology compatible with Solution Synology Backup.

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However, the superiority of backup software from Synology is not just a matter of convenience or a free license. According to Zhang Jiao-Hao (Manager of Information Systems Planning Department at Shiseido Taiwan), his party chose Active Backup for Business after seeing many advantages offered. The main thing is the ability of this software to do deduplication (eliminate identical files) so that it decreases storage requirements.

"When we tried to backup 25 PCs and notebooks, the amount of data that should have been 6.5TB could have dropped to 2.1 TB," said Zhang. Reducing storage needs is more felt when server data backup: from 58TB to 28TB. In other words, this software effectively removes duplicate data and saves use of storage space up to 54%.

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Active Backup for Business also has a feature called Change Block Tracking (CBT). This feature allows the backup process to be carried out for data differences that occur; not the whole data. So if the data on the employee's PC has been backed up yesterday, then the backup process today is only for data created today. As a result, the backup process becomes fast and efficient.

Another advantage of Active Backup for Business software is speed when restoring data. Zhang said, Shiseido currently has 55 virtual machines running on VMware vSphere. To restore data, the time needed is only 15 minutes. This number is much faster than the 6-8 hours needed before using this solution. This Shiseido Taiwan story shows, data backup does not only make the company safer from ransomware attacks. But with the right solution, the data backup process can be fast, efficient, and not troublesome with Solution Synology Backup.