Network Attached Storage

Data is a Very Important Asset for The Company

Without access to data in Network Attached Storage, companies cannot provide customers with the desired level of service. Poor customer service, sales losses or team collaboration issues are examples that may arise if information is not available.

Definition of NAS

Each of these problems contributes to low productivity and potential revenue loss if the customer has to wait until the data corruption problem is resolved. In addition, when considering data storage, small businesses have other storage-related needs, such as:

Low cost selection

Ease of operation (most small businesses do not have IT staff) .Easy data backup (and always accessible when needed). NAS systems are as popular among companies and small businesses in many industries as effective, scalable, and cost-effective storage solutions. IronWolf Pro drivers are designed for Network Attached Storage systems.

What is NAS?

A NAS system is a storage device that is connected to a network and enables the storage and retrieval of data from a central location for legal heterogeneous network users and customers. The NAS system is flexible and scalable; this means you can add it to the device you have when you need additional storage. The NAS is like having a special cloud in the office. It gives you full control, faster, cheaper and gives you all the advantages of the overall cloud with Network Attached Storage.

The Perfect NAS System for SMEs.

Easy to use, no need for a dedicated IT professional.Ease of backing up data to be always accessible when needed. With a NAS system, data can always be accessed, employees can collaborate, respond to customers in a timely manner, and track sales or other problems, as information is in place and can be tracked immediately. Because NAS devices are like private clouds, data can be accessed remotely using a network connection, which means that employees can work anytime and anywhere.

Download Best NAS Drive DS119j

Antivirus Essential
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CardDAV Server
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Cloud Station Server
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Directory Server
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Data Not Synchronized

Reliability and accessibility issues if storage is reduced.Delays in responding to customer service requests or sales inquiries. Built for networked storage servers, Seagate IronWolf Pro drives are the best choice for NAS applications and have been well developed to deliver the best experience with leading NAS partners such as Synology, QNAP, Netgear, Drobo and others.

IronWolf Pro Drivers Have The Following Features:

Hard drives are equipped with RV sensors to reduce vibrations in the multi-compartment NAS Included in an IronWolf Health Management-compliant NAS operating system to monitor hard drives
Includes 2-year data recovery services and 5-year limited warranty.Built for multi-user environments, providing high workload values ​​for a large amount of data transfer Networks.

NAS is increasingly popular. For positive reasons. NAS servers allow 24/7 access to company data, and using the correct hard drive will provide the best experience. Equipped with IronWolf Pro, the NAS server can help deliver outstanding competitive advantages in all companies, increase customer service levels and expand common access between projects. In many cases, the benefits of having a NAS solution in your business are unlimited with Network Attached Storage.