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Mega Cloud Download is a secure cloud storage service with 50 GB of free storage. This version includes a new download page video viewer, general installation folder MEGAdrop, file version and MEGAchat (video, voice and text chat capabilities). This extension will allow MEGA to be installed on the scanner. This reduces loading time, improves download performance and improves safety. Any MEGA will be captured by this application and will remain local (JavaScript will not be loaded from our server).

Share Files with MEGA

All individual folders or files can be shared from your MEGA account, so everyone can download the content you share without the need for their user name and password. The mobile app to access your MEGA account is available to iOS, Windows Phone and Android users. You can search, upload, download, publish and share your files on the go.

There are also Windows, Mac and Linux desktop programs named MEGAsync that can create folders to drag and drop files and folders to upload to your MEGA account. Mozilla Thunderbird users can use the MEGAbird plugin to easily share large files by e-mail. This works by first uploading the file to MEGA and then sharing the link Mega Cloud Download.

Opinions About MEGA

MEGA was created to eliminate the privacy issues of other obtrusive cloud storage services. While end-to-end data encryption is a great incentive to choose MEGA, you must have a free 50 GB of course your second reason. There is a bandwidth speed limit that you can set in the account settings when you install the application from the browser or from the desktop synchronization client.
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Mega Cloud
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The installation interface for the browser is actually similar to the program installed on your PC, so it is very easy to use and even supports the installation of all folders. Desktop synchronization clients can exclude file uploads with specific keywords in it, so you don't load tons of unnecessary content; this is also very good. The client software also has a remarkable progress screen that shows what's loaded, how much time remains, and the file that just changed in Mega Cloud Download.

I don't like finding an advanced sharing feature when sending MEGA files - all you can do is create a common link. Password protection or expiration of the connection period will be a big plus. The 10 GB bandwidth limit may look like a drop, but even if you use it at once, it will start in 30 minutes, it doesn't matter to me.

All this is taken into consideration, I can say that I am a big fan of MEGA. Secure 50 GB free cloud storage space is a great offer. If you're not sure if you'd like MEGA, see this comparison chart to see how its features are better with some of the other cloud storage services we recommend with Mega Cloud Download.