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The best NAS device 2019

Buying the Best NAS Drive device for your needs doesn't have to be complicated and confusing, and buy a new NAS device in this guide, which will show you the best networked storage devices money can buy and everything you need to consider when looking at it. But before entering any of these, we must explain what the NAS is. The best NAS devices are external hard drives that are connected to your network, not just your PC. 

These sağ network-attached storage dan devices therefore allow you to access your files from any device you want. The best NAS setups will also allow remote access, so you can use your files from the other side of the world if needed. The best NAS devices will also be agnostic on the platform, so you can access them from whatever device you are using, no matter which software you are working on. 

Therefore, there is no excuse anymore - read on to find the best NAS devices for both home and office. And if you want to increase the storage of your current NAS, you can browse our list of the best hard drives - we've included you there. When purchasing the best NAS device for your needs, you need to consider a few things. First of all, it is storage space. Most of the best NAS devices on this page come with preinstalled Best NAS Drive. 

Download Best NAS Drive DS119j

Antivirus Essential
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CardDAV Server
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Cloud Station Server
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This makes them run and run fast and easy, but you need to think carefully how much space you need. Remember, enough space to keep all your important files, sometimes even copies. There are some NAS devices that come without hard drives and you need to buy it yourself. When it comes to the size and speed of the NAS, it gives you a little more flexibility and can save yourself some money if you shop around.

You should also consider backup and data backup measures for the NAS drive. Some NAS drives are best for accommodating many hard drives. They can be used to reflect the data held on each drive; this means that if a driver fails, you have not lost your data. The best NAS drives let you easily back up data to an external hard drive for added protection.

WD My Cloud Personal NAS drive

Features Best Cheap NAS: 
• Remote file access, DLNA, iTunes Server
• Easy to install
• Good price
• Installation may fiddly
• Applications not great

WD has achieved great success with consumer-friendly and shameless My Cloud products that can stream to devices that support DLNA and can be accessed through mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is labeled as a 'personal cloud', a NAS box by any other measure, and starts at 2 TB of storage (you can get it at 3 or 4 TB). Because it is a one-bay unit, it cannot back up a drive in the unit itself, but it can back up to an external hard drive through the USB port on the back in Best NAS Drive.