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Best Backup Software for QNAP

Backup Qnap Software is a Taiwan-based information technology device that specializes in network storage solutions for individuals and businesses (NAS). Qnap is also one of the top-class manufacturers of video surveillance (NVR) devices and high-definition network media players for small and medium businesses. The best backup software compatible with Qnap products that can be used in 2019.

AOMEI Backup

AOMEI Backup is a program that allows users to back up in a very easy way. Currently one of the best free programs in circulation. In addition, many features are available for free without the need to buy a license. The AOMEI backup allows special backups based on needs. Can make backup copies of the Operating System, all hard disks or internal partitions and certain files. All backups are generated by creating image files. 

This software manages incremental and differential backups and can configure and activate backups based on certain events. One feature available only in the paid version of the software is the "clone" function. This function allows to transfer and replicate data and configuration of storage units. Of course, it is possible to clone the contents of a mechanical hard disk to another type of the same or to an SSD (or vice versa). If you want to replace a hard drive with an SSD, using AOMEI Backupper is a good solution with Backup Qnap Software. 

have to clone the disk and replace it and will improve computer performance. In the Utilities section, you can find other useful tools. It will make it possible to check the integrity of image files, create bootable emergency support, and combine several incremental backups into global ones. The tool that is highly valued and used by users is AOMEI PXE.

The latter gives the possibility of having a pre-boot execution environment, can boot the computer using an ethernet network connection and server. In this case no mass storage unit is needed. Thanks to this solution, it can easily restore or distribute previously created backup images. In short, AOMEI Backupper is a great tool for creating and managing backups. It offers many options for working well and most tools are also available in free Backup Qnap Software.
AOMEI Backup

AOMEI Backup
Free Driver

QNAP Hybrid Backup Sync

Hybrid Backup Sync is a multi-function backup solution. Can easily back up data from the Qnap NAS on a variety of local, remote and cloud storage. Hybrid Backup Sync helps prevent data loss in the event of system damage and critical hardware failure. Hybrid Backup Sync supports multi-position backup, immediate recovery, and flexible synchronization.

In fact, Qnap Hybrid Backup Sync consolidates backup, restore, and synchronization functions into one QTS application for easy data transfer to local storage space. This process allows to increase the efficiency of data backup, file synchronization, and disaster recovery, distance and in the cloud. In short, Backup Qnap Software Hybrid Backup Sync provides complete disaster recovery and data storage plans.

Hybrid Backup Sync supports online storage and synchronization services in the cloud such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and many others. Thanks to its highly flexible graphical user interface, Hybrid Backup Sync enables many backup tasks. Can have a simple centralized task management function available to. The latter gives the possibility to check detailed information about the status of activities and details.

Create Several Backup Processes

Confirm the use of storage space and quickly check the current status of the process with positive results, warnings and errors highlighted and total number of errors. It can also monitor the backup process from other NAS to manage all processes centrally. Hybrid Backup Sync supports alarm recording, to quickly review warnings and error messages and avoid critical delays in activity in Backup Qnap Software.

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