Affordable NAS Drive

Affordable NAS 

The Affordable NAS Drive servers are similar to external hard drives, but instead connects to peripherals that use peripheral connections (USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, etc.), connect to your router (or switch) using network cables, and provide storage for each computer on the network. 

In addition to acting as a backup target, NAS servers can also function as streaming servers, file sharing servers, and even private cloud servers, as well as many functions that you cannot find on external hard drives.This list is affordable and has the first five NAS servers that will be a good backup server for homes. These are listed in the order of the comments together with the above recent evaluations.

Disk Synology DS214se station

As for NAS servers, Synology has become the most famous vendor. Thanks to the DiskStation Manger (DSM) operating system, the Synology NAS server is the best on the market in terms of performance, functionality and reliability. The DS214 is the latest in this crowd. It runs DSM 5.0 and is designed as a budget NAS server for small homes. The server can host two internal hard drives to provide up to 4 TB of protected storage (in RAID 1) and support the Time Machine original. 

It also comes with the Data Replicator software to back up your Windows computer. The current price is only $ 160 (diskless) or $ 340 (including 4 TB), enough to play. The same value is good in the UK and Australia - this is available from various retailers with different storage areas, but you can find them at £ 120 or less than £ 180. Review the entire Synology DS214se with Affordable NAS Drive.

WD My Cloud EX2

My Cloud EX2 is WD's dual-bay NAS server and is one of the most affordable dual bay servers on the market with a price of only $ 390 ($ 366, AUS $ 400) for 4TB (also available for 6TB and 8TB servers). Although it does not offer many features such as Synology above, this server is very easy to use and creates a good backup server for Windows and Mac. It also has a special cloud feature that is very easy to use to access and share data on the go Affordable NAS Drive.

WD My Cloud

With one exception, my Cloud is very similar to the above My Cloud EX2: this is a single-bay NAS server. This means that there is only one internal hard drive inside and it is not possible to protect the data when this drive fails. Therefore, it should only be used as a backup drive, not a drive that stores a copy of your important data. To compensate for this shortage, this is a very affordable NAS server, currently only $ 150 (£ 120, 220 AU) for 2TB storage. Read the full WD My Cloud review.

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Seagate Central

Similar to the above WD My Cloud, Seagate Central is also a single volume NAS server. The server also supports the original Time Machine backup and is equipped with backup software for Windows. It's easy to use or not as fast as one of the above servers, but it's definitely best for a 2TB at a price lower than $ 130 (£ 115, 170 AU $ 170). Read the full review from Seagate Central.

Apple AirPort Time Capsule

Windows users do not need to register, but Time Capsule is a good backup server for Mac users. In fact, as a storage device, it cannot do much, but it acts as a backup destination for Time Machine and shares files between multiple computers. This device is the most incomplete NAS server you can find on the market, but it's almost as good as it is possible to back up Time Machine on a Mac. 

The Especially considering the fact that it's a Wi-Fi 802.11ac router. So if you're just using a Mac at home and you also need a new router, 2 TB (which is also available at 3TB) with a current price of $ 2 (280 TL, 250 TL, 350 TL) is a really worthwhile investment. Read reviews about Apple Time Capsule with Affordable NAS Drive.