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Synology and Netgear Solutions

The Synology and Netgear main products PT IGS are distributors of IT network products. The event, which was attended by the enterprise community, raised the theme of Backup Solution Day. The event was filled by speakers, as Managing Director of PT Integra Global Solusi, which explained four topics, namely private and secure cloud systems, encryption systems for protection against ransomware, building effective backup systems, and affordable 10G network solutions.

PT IGS introduces Synology operating system technology known as DiskStation Manager 6.1. This software allows NAS management to be used as a cloud system, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime and by any device.

With DiskStation Manager software, it includes many applications that support cloud systems, including the Cloud Station Drive that allows cloud access via PCs, DS Cloud applications to access the cloud from mobile devices, and two advanced applications with the name Cloud Station Backup and Cloud Station ShareSync.

Managing Director of PT Integra Global Solutions

"Basically accessing the cloud system sounds pretty easy, but it's hard to practice. Synology provides a means that makes it easy for users, namely through Quick Connect. With this system the user is very easy to connect the device to the cloud network. Another feature that is in Synology is CloudSync, which synchronizes between the Synology cloud with other cloud, such as Amazon Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox .

In this launching event, Synology passed its main distributor, PT. Integra Global Solusi brings 6 of Synology's latest NAS products. Synology DiskStation DS418, a high-performance and versatile NAS 4-bay, specifically designed for offices and home users. The quad-core processor is designed to support the management of large-capacity storage volumes and 10-bit 4K H.265 video transcodes for multimedia storage needs in Synology and Netgear.

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NAS Products

Synology DiskStation DS418j, NAS 4-bay designed for home and personal users. It is powered by a dual-core 64-bit processor and provides a large volume of storage for flexible data management. Synology DiskStation DS918 +, NAS 4-bay designed for small and medium businesses and IT enthusiasts, is supported by the latest Intel Celeron quad core processors that are quite capable in real-time transcoding for 4K Ultra HD content. 

Synology DiskStation DS3018xs provides reliable network storage solutions, intended for small and medium businesses. Because the storage can be supercharged with the M.2 SSD adapter card for dual SSD options as cache, this is the ideal solution to simplify data management and virtualization.

In addition to NAS products, Synology also introduces its newest NVR (Network Video Recorder) product, NVR1218, an all-in-one personal control solution and energy saving with HDMI output for those of you who need a PC-less solution and live monitoring. NVR1218 supports up to 12 streaming channels on 720p / 30FPS cameras. The Point of Sale (POS) can

combine records of business transactions with recorded surveillance. Another surveillance product that was introduced was Synology VisualStation VS960HD, a compact, durable and high-performance external display device made for Synology Surveillance Station 8 and so on. Created with dual HDMI output that supports 4K and 1080p, and supports 96 IP stream cameras at 720p / 10FPS.

PT Integra Global Solusi also presents network equipment for homes and SMEs namely 10 Gigabit Pro Switches from Netgear. Affordable solutions with 10 Gigabit bandwidth capabilities from Netgear including Netgear XS708T, XS712Tv2, XS716T, and XS728T. Netgear Smart Managed Pro Switch, GS418TPP offers L2 and L2 + / Layer 3 Lite features and PoE functions. 

Netgear ProSAFE M4200-10MG-PoE + Managed Switch GSM4210P, specifically designed to optimize the installation of Wave 2 11ac access points. Including 8 full power PoE + and 1G multi-speed, 2.5G ports for 100-meter cables, combined with two 10G uplinks for full 8-wave deployment without obstacles in Synology and Netgear.