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Synology and the Single Access Tool - Active Backup for the Server

Synology Active Backup Download for the server allows you to monitor all backup devices in the network from a single entry point, multiple remote software, and research by reducing the cost of installing installations and reducing the cost of administration for organizations. Very simple placement and transparent management with a backup solution without agents focusing server protection on Windows and Linux and minimizing placement and management costs.

What is an Agencyless backup on Your Servers?

Agentless backup comes without the need to install synology on servers, windows, and Linux devices connected to your NAS. Back up files on a daily basis without the need for complex and expensive agents to source servers, or worry about customer-focused and tool compliance. The centralized management structure allows you to monitor the overview page, monitor all backup tasks (whether Windows or Linux backups) from a time and task perspective using a histogram tool, and identify anomalies at a glance. Reserves themselves can be really special. Flexible backup mode on each server you back Up For multiple backups, you need multiple versions, mirroring, and incremental modes.

What is Multi-Version Backup?

The process of creating a new version for deleting everything offers multiple security points, allowing you to recover a day before the ones that were set on previous pages.
What is a Reflection Backup?
Based on the most recent version of the fact that the files are overwritten by the source based on the ones in the source is suitable for those who hear.
What is Incremental Backup?
Archiving pages because the backup will be overwritten with the newly set and changed files while keeping the deleted files at target.

DSM and BTRFS Integration in your Active Backup Server Backups

In addition to exploiting the maturity of DSM technologies and encrypting with Btrfs, the queue is effective for the server. First, there is excellent AES 256bit encryption. The encryption feature is targeted that it cannot be accessed without a private key that contains no features. Then, many of the Intel CPU-based NAS servers reach Btrfs-ready. For data stored in Btrfs volumes, storage can minimize storage, while data scanning can correct large memory or storage errors.

Synolgy Active Backup is a Trend in Windows and Linux platforms (as well as updates from G Suite and Office 365). Active Backup for Servers, Windows and Linux platform depending on the local protocol. Windows Server 2016 and 2012 R2 support. SME is used for the need for your Synology NAS from Windows Windows. The availability of your backup is ready, taking advantage of Windows VSS integration. In addition to file backup, Windows ACL can also be backed up; deletion of words, carrying back, and directing the connection at the same time.

Maybe, you have a lot of Linux and SMB based server support. Rsync is used to manage files from Linux to your Synology NAS. By taking advantage of Rsync, you can enjoy secure and efficient transfer by enabling block-level transfer, encryption, feature and bandwidth control. Apart from files in the backup, Linux POSIX ACL can also be backed up. Active Backup for the server is free, offers a basic and cost effective backup solution. In the future, maintaining various workloads requires a data backup and if you can handle it differently, it needs to be preset. However, this may be a paid version. Take advantage of the Active Backup Server FREE now and try DS712+ now.

Download DS712+ :

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