RX1217 Driver

Expansion Unit RX1217 / RX1217RP

The Synology RX1217 Driver Expansion Unit provides an easy solution for volume in data Data expansion and backup for Synology 2U RackStation NAS1. With an additional 12 drive bays, The RX1217 / RX1217RP seamlessly expands the storage capacity of the connected Synology NAS. Synology RX1217 / RX1217RP is backed by Synology's 5-year limited warranty.

  • Design for plug use uninterrupted storage spaceRises
  •  On-line volume expansion onFly
  •  Redundant power supplies ensure uninterrupted service (RX1217RP only)
  •  Managed from Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)

Volume Expansion and Backup with RX1217 Driver

Storage capacity insufficient on Synology 2U RackStation1, Synology The RX1217 / RX1217RP provides an easy way to measure capacity in addition 12 drivers. RAID volume on Synology DiskStation can be expanded directly in Providing Synology DiskStation without having to reformat existing drivers maintain service during capacity expansion.

The Synology RX1217 / RX1217RP can be used as a dedicated local backup solution for the following. Synology RackStation. When created as a separate skin, RX1217 / RX1217RP offers an excellent backup solution to local drives in case of system failure.

Reliable Plug-n-use Design

Synology 2U RackStation reliably connects to RX1217 / RX1217RP with high bandwidth extension cable providing maximum efficiency. This allows drivers internally connected RX1217 / RX1217RP Synology RackStation, without delay in data retrieval. Provide 7/24 service working time, the Synology RX1217RP is equipped with permitted backup power supply units.
Automatic error support if one of the PSUs fails.

Green and Easy to Manage

Deep Sleep can be configured manually so that the system is automatically enabled has not been active for a while. This not only saves energy, it also extends life of drivers. RX1217 / RX1217RP is switched on and off RackStation, no user intervention required to keep the system running intelligently and efficient.

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