NVR1218 Drive

Network Video Recorder NVR1218

Synology NVR1218 Drive is a special all-in-one and energy-efficient surveillance Solution with HDMI output for PC-free management and live viewing. NVR1218 supports the following 12 channels in 720p / 30FPS camera stream. Supports Point of Sale (POS) system transaction records with surveillance records. Synology NVR1218, Synology's 3-year limited warranty.

Independent, All-in-One Surveillance Solution

Network Video Recorder The Synology NVR1218 is a solution for monitoring the HDMI 1080p interface to monitor, manage and store surveillance videos. You can monitor surveillance records and configure IP camera settings directly. Surveillance Station without using a computer. NVR1218 supports up to 12 channels 720p / 30FPS camera streams.

NVR1218 can be easily deployed and installed without PC and Internet connection1 Remote or safe which is convenient for first time system installation places without external network access. NVR1218 supports Point of Sale (POS) Systems via a dedicated COM port that allows the NVR1218 to be integrated into the process systems that provide video indexing against transaction records in NVR1218 Drive.

24/7 Security Solution with NVR1218 Drive

Synology Surveillance Station offers a central interface for managing IP cameras deployed in your workplace. Easily setup and secure remote access. Surveillance Station to monitor in real time via computers or DS cam mobile app Smooth interface to see camera streams and recorded events and snapshots Provides an optimized live view experience with on-screen controls and intelligent analytical tools Like a warning system with motion detection and notification via DS camera, With SMS and e-mail.

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Rich Compatibility and User Friendly Operation

Powered by Synology Surveillance Station, NVR1218 supports more than 5,600 IPs 100 well-known brands and ONVIF Profile S and Profile G cameras provide flexibility system distribution options. The NVR1218 also supports navigation between different camera streams with USB mouse, keyboard or joystick. The audio input and output ports allow the microphone and Speaker connections for two-way voice communication with voice-enabled cameras. In the event of a power failure, the NVR1218 can be paired with an uninterrupted power feed (UPS) for safe shutdown.

Expandable Storage for Growing Needs

NVR1218 supports Synology Expansion Unit DX5172 To support up to 7 hard drives. When connected to DX517, users can create a RAID 5 or RAID 6 volume for advanced storage flexibility and wider use.

Wallet Friendly and Energy Efficient

NVR1218 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Extremely quiet and requires During operation only 13.64W. As a surveillance solution without PC, the NVR1218 is economizing In the long run, both equipment and energy costs. All Synology products are manufactured and packaged with RoHS compliant parts recycled packaging materials. Synology accepts responsibility globally Citizens will continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of each product in NVR1218 Drive.