DS109j Drive

DS109j Driver Disk Station

Synology DS109j Driver is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for users for easy storage and backup files. Equipped with Synology Disk Station Manager 2.1, it provides ease of use and various features. Furthermore, the Synology 2.5 "Disk Holder optionally provides an easy way for users to use the 2.5" hard drive on the DS109j, providing library silence, power savings and higher reliability for DS109j.

Multimedia & Entertainment DS109j Driver

Synology Download Station 2 functions as a download center for BitTorrent 24x7, FTP, HTTP, eMule, and NZB. The new eMule download engine is integrated allowing search-n-download capabilities without a web browser to install additional desktop applications. 

Synology Technology Station supports music, Internet radio stations, and iPod playback with USB connected speakers. Optional Synology Remote allows you to enjoy music freely. Streaming web mode allows your music to be shared with many users via the Internet in DS109j Drive. 

UPnP support allows users to stream multimedia files with the UPnP Digital Media Adapter (DMA) on a stereo system or TV-set. Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox360 are also supported. ITunes servers are an easy way to share music with other iTunes clients over the network. Password protection prevents unauthorized sharing.

Easy Storage & Backup with DS109j Driver

USBCopy provides a plug-n-save solution for storing data. With just one touch on the Copy button, it quickly rewinds the data on the USB storage device to a predetermined location on Synology Disk Station. 

Synology Data Replicator 3 allows Windows users to back up data in the desktop to Synology Disk Station. Immediately, Scheduled Synchronization and Backup is fully supported. The Network Recycle Bin ensures that all deleted files can be recovered from the recycle bin with the DS109j Driver.

Share the Internet with DS109j Driver

Synology Photo Station 3 simplifies sharing photos, videos and blogs through the Internet. Customized themes and various options available for personalization. Cooliris support delivers stunning 3D photo effects.

DS109j Drive Environmentally Friendly 

Synology DS109j Driver was designed and developed continuously with the concept of energy saving. Compared to the average PC partner, Synology Disk Station consumes power and relatively low amounts of hibernation when not in use. 

This not only helps in saving energy but can also extend the life of the hard disk. Synology Disk Station really gets the title "green product" because of its unique features Power Live / Scheduled Deadness, and intelligent fan design can effectively cool the system with minimum power consumption, not keep the system operating. 

Finally, all Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packed with recyclable packaging materials. Synology recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen and continues to strive to reduce the environmental impact of the DS109j Driver products that we make.

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