DS101j Driver

Synology DS101j

Synology DS101j Driver the best software and hardware experience, is committed to delivering a range of world-class products and storage solutions based on products. Synology Storage Products it was adopted by thousands of companies around the world. From Japan to Chile and from SOHO to mid-sized businesses, Synology is developing and ready for core competence Customer service all over the world.

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UPnP Multimedia Server 
Download Station 
Web Server with PHP+MySQL 
File Server 
Printer Server 
Photo Station with Album Control 
FTP Support with Anonymous & Bandwidth Control 
Total Backup Solutions (Network Backup, Local Backup, PC Backup, and USBCopy)

It's time to redefine how you share, how to store it, and how to link your data. Meeting Disk Station is a space-saving, quiet, stylish, and ready-to-use server. Great computer server alternative.

Share more Data with DS101j Driver

Disk Station combines a host of features you can think of in your home environment and SOHO. Arrow Data, printer, images, web, multimedia files and more! Having a disk station connects all of your digital content. Makes sharing everything easy and manageable.

Private Web Program DS101j

Creating your website is always a fun thing. Disk Station now supports PHP + MySQL. You are free Create your own website with dynamic web content or open source applications in PHP Such as the Internet, the blog, and the bulletin board. Let the music play if you have great photos, music and movies, why not share them? Download files to the disc station only, When you insert the digital media adapter, you can start enjoying the TV or audio set.

Total Backup Solutions DS101j Driver

Data backup is very important, but people tend to ignore it; Backup is done automatically without your attention. From the local backup to the backup network USB Backup to PC Backup (Synology Data Replicator II), you can always find backup alternatives at any time.

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Share Photos with DS101j Driver the Right People 

Having trouble sharing your photos with the right people? Photo Station does not just allow you to share it with friends you can also check who can see photo albums online. You are a master now Share your photos. 

Would not it be great if you could turn off your computer while downloading files? Download Station only Designed for this purpose. Synology only loads the router and downloads tasks the files will be moved to the disk station DS101j Driver.