DS-106j Drive

Home Entertainment in DS-106j Drive a Box

The DS-106j Drive allows you to assemble a single IDE hard drive, which integrates a lot Superb features enrich home entertainment. Download Station DS-106j is converted to a 24-hour download center, 7 days a week. Just need to Drag the BitTorrent / HTTP / FTP links to the Synology Download Redirector and files it will be moved to DS-106j without turning on the computer. Online Download Manager can help you manage your downloads remotely With a web browser.

The multimedia service allows you to play photos, music, and videos using UPnPenabled Digital media adapter on TV or audio set. ITunes server support allows network users to play music files stored directly on the network DS-106j without having to download them to your desktop. 

Photo Station 2 gives you the freedom to share photos online without Download steps are complex. Album control always keeps you sharing photos the right people. Visitors can even leave comments for your photos, and they will be notification with email for each comment.

Share files between Windows and Mac in DS-106j Drive

Windows users can access the DS-106j via Samba, FTP, and Mac users over Samba, FTP, and AFP. Unicode support allows file sharing seamlessly in different Languages. Share a USB printer It is very easy to share a USB printer with members on the network. A variety of printers have been verified to be compatible with DS-106j, and Add the printer wizard simplifies setting up the printer that usually takes complex steps or Professional help in most printer printer products on the market.

DS-106j Drive Total backup solutions

Data backup is very important, but people tend to ignore it, says DS-106j data backup is complete and automatic so backups are always done without your attention. You can always find backup alternatives fit your needs. 

Network Backup is designed to backup data from the DS-106j to another Synology product which also supports network backup function. Local backup allows you to back up the data from the DS-106j to the external hard drive Drive attached to DS-106j via USB port. 

Desktop Backup simplifies desktop backup using the Synology Data Replicator data automatically. USBCopy is very convenient for you to back up data from USB flash Push to DS-106j. Backup takes only one touch of the Copy button. You are You do not need to log on to the administration page to finish the backup.

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DS-106j Drive Other Features

All Synology products are designed with the concept of energy saving in mind. Compared to PC server products, Synology products are relatively consumed Less energy than their counterparts in computers. 

Not only saves your money, but also Save the Earth. All Synology products are produced in RoHS compliant parts and packed Recyclable packing materials. Synology recognizes its responsibility as a global Citizen is constantly working to reduce the environmental impact of the
The products in DS-106j Drive we create.