CS407e Driver

Cube Station in CS407e Driver

The CS407e Driver is a solution for storing files for entertainment and file sharing Online, web hosting, sharing USB printers, and backing up desktop data. With RAID 1/5/6 Protection, CS407e can service those who store important data to them.

Flexible Storage Management

CS407e allows you to create RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, or RAID 6 volumes allows you to upgrade from Basic to RAID 1, or assemble with a smaller hard drive first, then expand later Storage of RAID 1, RAID 5, or RAID 6 by replacing the existing hard drive with a larger one when the budget Allowed. 

In addition, you can also add RAID 5 and RAID 6 volumes by adding a hard drive while flying. When the CS407e hard drive is full, you can easily expand storage capacity with an external connection Hard drive to CS407e USB port.

Entertainment House in a Box

CS407e lets you assemble 4 SATA hard drives and integrate many great features that enrich your device home entertainment.

• Download Station 2 CS407e which is converted to a download center 24 hours, 7 days a week. Simply drag BitTorrent / HTTP / FTP link to the Synology Download Redirector, and the files will be moved to CS407 without the presence of your computer Run. Web-based Download Manager can help you manage remote downloads with a web browser.

• Multimedia services allow you to play pictures, music and videos using an UPnP digital media adapter On your TV or audio set.

• Support for the iTunes server allows users on the network to play music files stored on CS407e directly without having to do so download to your desktop.

• Audio stations provide an easy way to organize music stored on CS407e and Internet radio stations
Playlist, or play iPod music. Using Synology Remote, you can control and enjoy long distances music with USB speakers connected. The RF-free direction signal design allows you to control music freely.

Now Play Music From Anywhere!

• Photo Station 3 gives you the freedom to share photos and videos online without any hassle Download step. Album control always ensures that you share photos / videos with the right people. 
Leave a comment on your photo / video, and you will be notified by email for each comment. Plus
To share photos, you can create and share your own blog. Synology Disk Station is designed to store and share data in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Smooth sharing files on various operating systems is an easy process.

• Synology File Station 2 provides an innovative user interface with drag-and-drop functionality Users who are not familiar with FTP to access files easily through a web browser.
• Synology Disk Station supports two USB printers simultaneously, and simplifies the Add Printer Wizard settings process with the processor.

Total Backup Solution

Inside the elegant and trendy cube, incredible airflow for ventilation and quiet fan operation makes CS407e It fits perfectly in every corner of your desk.

• Network Backup is designed to back up data from CS407e to other Synology products too
Supports Network Backup or rsync compatible servers.
• Local Backup allows you to back up data from CS407e to an external hard drive attached to CS407e via USB Port.
• PC users will enjoy easy-to-use backups tool to back up important data automatically. Cold and silent Inside the elegant and trendy cube, good air flow for ventilation and quiet fan operation make CS407e ideal Side by side with any corner on your table.
• Monitoring station 2 • Supports Windows ADS • Encrypted FTP support • HTTPS support
• Encrypted Network Backup

Protect our Land

All Synology products are designed with the concept of saving energy. Compare with computer servers Synology products, products consume significantly less energy than their computer counterparts. Not only save money, but also save the earth. Synology recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen and continues to strive to reduce the environment the effects of the products we make in CS407e Driver.